Don't Let The Culture Raise Your Kids

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Marcia Segelstein
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  • Don't Let The Culture Raise Your Kids
  • You will get help and suggestions to help lead their children with confidence and authority
  • It is not to late to raise Christian kids

As a journalist, television news producer, writer, and editor, Marcia Segelstein has spent decades reporting on family-related issues. Her work has brought her face-to-face with troubling shifts in our culture away from Christian values - and the impact these trends are having on our children. As a mother, Marcia recognizes that these are more than news stories: they are a personal battle. And this is a battle every Christian parent today must be equipped to fight.

In Don't Let the Culture Raise Your Kids, Marcia shows us how today's parents need to be different - and why. She coaches parents to lead their children with confidence and authority, eyes wide open to the pitfalls and dangers that surround them, whether in the media, in school, or among their peers.

It's not too late to raise Christian kids. It's this simple: Don't Let the Culture Raise Your Kids. Armed with the information provided in this book, you can start today.


Marcia Segelstein has covered family issues for more than twenty-five years as a producer for CBS News and as a columnist. She has written for, First Things, WORLD Magazine, and Touchstone, and is a senior editor for Salvo magazine. Marcia is a graduate of Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. She and her husband have two "twenty-something" children.

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  • 5 May 22nd 2019
    A necessary read for parents.

    Ms. Segelstein touches on many of the plagues of our culture that are influencing our children. She gives stats, professional advice from doctors in various fields, and real-life stories. What I liked most about this book was that at the end of each chapter she gives tips and tools to use in combating the various cultural plagues.


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