Encountering the Lord in the Gospel of Mark: A 30-Day At-Home Retreat

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The Word Among Us
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  • 30-day at-home retreat with Mark's Gospel
  • Reflections, readings and explanations
  • Beautiful and keen insights
  • Meaningful commentary to stir your prayer life
  • Great gift for those who love the Scriptures and enjoy at-home retreats

Leo Zanchettin, editorial director for The Word Among Us magazine, takes you on a thirty-day journey through the Gospel of Mark. During your journey, you’ll see Jesus in a new light as you read about his encounters with people like his disciples, Israel’s religious leaders, and people who were poor or lived on the margins of society. 

Encountering the Lord in the Gospel of Mark is filled with fresh insights, moving stories, and meaningful commentary. Each chapter includes inspiring reflection questions that will launch you into deeper prayer. Let your heart be moved by Jesus’ love, and your mind filled with the truth of his gospel!

  • Author: Leo Zanchettin
  • 168 pages
  • Softcover

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