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The End: A Study on the Book of Revelation

The End: A Study on the Book of Revelation

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Product Description

  • The End: A Study on the Book of Revelation
  • Who wrote the Book of Revelation according to both internal and external evidence?
  • How to understand the numerous "time indicators" contained in Revelation
  • Why the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a truly foretaste of heavenly worship


Have you ever tried reading the Book of Revelation? Do you know how to properly interpret its mysterious imagery and mystifying theology? Unfortunately, most of us get bogged down in the details and fail to appreciate the profound insights contained in this enigmatic book. But you can change all this with the classic 12 CD series The End: A Study in the Book of Revelation, and its brand new 170-page study guide! CD and Study Guide sold separately.

Discover Critical Interpretive Keys

With The End, you'll join Dr. Scott Hahn in an intense verse-by-verse study of the New Testament's most prophetic book. And rather than reading it apart from the rest of the Bible, you'll discover how the Apocalypse contains many of the critical interpretive keys necessary to understanding the entire Gospel! You'll learn why Revelation is the ultimate "unveiling" whereby the Lord of the Universe reveals Himself to His Bride, the Church. And how its twenty-two chapters are a timely and timeless message of hope for believers suffering persecution and for those others struggling not to lose faith.

With scholarly precision, Dr. Hahn examines the various ways that Protestants and Catholics understand the Book of Revelation, revealing how the prophecies of the Book of Revelation were first realized in the first-century transition from the Old Covenant to the New. And how these prophecies ultimately point to a future fulfillment when all of God's creation will give way to a "new heaven and a new earth" when Christ Jesus will triumphantly return to judge the living and the dead.

Open Up New Avenues of Understanding

Unlocking the secrets contained in this final and most difficult book of the Bible has never been easier with The End: A Study in the Book of Revelation audio series and study guide! Dr. Hahn's clear and comprehensive analysis opens up new avenues of understanding and spiritual insight into God's covenantal love, the infinite value of the Mass, the powerful intercession of the Saints, the critical role of the Blessed Virgin Mary and significant details concerning the end of the world. Purchase the CDs and study guide today and don't get "left behind!"


  • Who wrote the Book of Revelation according to both internal and external evidence
  • How the Fathers of the Church understood the Book of Revelation, especially in regards to the end times
  • How Christians should properly understand "eschatology"
  • What make up the fundamental characteristics of apocalyptic literature
  • How to interpret Old Testament prophecy in light of the New Testament revelation
  • The four principal ways Catholics and Protestants use to interpret this mysterious Biblical book
  • How to understand the numerous "time indicators" contained in Revelation
  • Why the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a truly foretaste of heavenly worship


Dimensions & Specifications

  • ISBN: 9781570585951
  • Author: Scott Hahn
  • Language: English

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Reviews - The End: A Study on the Book of Revelation

Average Customer Rating
(4.43/5 Stars, 7 Ratings) Based on 7 Reviews

The End

Review: The workbook is a great supplement to Dr. Hahn's CD series. If you have any questions the data is in the book and can be reviewed.

The End Study Guide

Review: A valuable tool to help understand the lecture series "The End" by Scott Hahn. I highly recommend both the CD series as well as this study guide.

The End

Review: Excellent. Amazing. Scott Hahn has spent much time and effort in researching the information that is contained in this CD lecture series. I can't recommend it any more highly. I learned so much about the Old and New Testament as well as the Old and New Covenants.

The End study guide

Review: I found this book exceptional. I needed to have this information because other readings have not spoken to me in language that I understand. Scott Hahn does it well every time. Thank you.

Very Rich

Review: Excellent workbook and great lectures. The sound quality is good. I wished they did a better job of engineering the sound, but don't let that stop you from buying this set. You can hear everything clearly. It's just not studio quality. This CD set is something that will take some time to go through. It's not a one time listen and you are done. Imagine that you are taking a class on the book of Revelations, but there is no final exam. Scott Hahn always does a great job in his courses and this is no exception. It's expensive, but well worth it to really understand the Book of Revelations, and the Catholic perspective is the only way to really understand it. Best Uses: Bible study; Pros: Helpful, In depth, Intense, Thorough, Well researched

Wonderful CD-so much insight

Review: The CD is wonderful--helps understand the scripture and what the scriputre writer was sharing--it's so exciting to connect the dots with scripture meaning.

Many blanks difficult to understand.

Review: The texts has so many blanks making it difficult to understand. Cons: Low Quality
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