Portrait of Christ the Savior in Gold Laurel Frame

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Framed Print
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  • Classic image of Christ
  • Painted by Heinrich Hofmann
  • Handsome and moving portrait
  • Framed ornately in gold wood
  • Various sizes available
Portrait of Christ the Savior, created by German painter Heinrich Hofmann in 1894, represents the Christ as strong, handsome, and serene. He raises one hand in blessing over his beloved children, gazing into their hearts with penetrating eyes. The faithful artist had a great attachment to this painting, having created it for himself as a private devotion. He later displayed it in his studio at the urging of friends. After retiring to a life of solitude, he would open the studio each Sunday so admirers could view the painting which he kept there to inspire him and bring him peace. The fine art print is protected beneath glass. Framed in ornate gold wood with a laurel wreath motif to accent the radiance of our Savior, who appears to us as if in a vision. Various sizes available. 
  • Various Sizes Available
  • Fine Art Print, Wood, Glass, Metal
  • Made in the USA

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