First Beginnings: From Creation to the Mountain of the Prophets

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Anne Catherine Emmerich
Jesus|Saints & Blesseds
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  • First Beginnings: From Creation to the Mountain of the Prophets and Adam and Eve 

First Beginnings commences with the visionary’s account of Creation, the Fall of the Angels, the formation of the Earth and Paradise, and the mysterious Mountain of the Prophets. The second part presents Adam and Eve, the Trees of Life and Knowledge, the Fall of Humankind, the Promise of the Redeemer, Cain and Abel, the Children of God, the Giants, Enoch, Noah, the Tower of Babel, and such ancient figures as Hom, Jamshid, Nimrod, Derketo, Semiramis, and Melchizedek, concluding with Job. The third part offers fascinating new insights into the lives and missions of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

The volumes in this series include:

A two-volume set consisting of

•    First Beginnings
•    Mysteries of the Old Testament

Five volumes on People of the New Testament, covering virtually every individual in the visions (approximately 250 in all):

•    People of the New Testament, Book I
•    People of the New Testament, Book II
•    People of the New Testament, Book III
•    People of the New Testament, Book IV
•    People of the New Testament, Book V

The Life of the Virgin Mary (including her Essene ancestry)

Scenes from the Lives of the Saints (treating of 59 saints)

Two volumes covering a multitude of separate themes:

•    Inner Life and Worlds of Soul & Spirit
•    Spiritual Works and Journeys

And lastly, The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich.


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