The Fourth Cup (DVD)

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  • The Fourth Cup (DVD)
  • By renowned author and speaker Scott Hahn
  • A stunning, life-changing talk
  • Never approach the Mass in the same way again

The Catholic Understanding of the Mystical Body of Christ, embodied in the Church and revealed anew in the Holy Eucharist, comes directly from the Bible, according to renowned apologist Dr. Scott Hahn. He places the Last Supper in the context of the Jewish Passover Seder liturgy.

By explaining the significance of the drinking of the fourth and final cup in the Old Testament Passover meal ceremony, Dr. Hahn draws a symbolic parallel to Christ's death on the Cross. It is an exciting concept that will help viewers discover a whole new dimension to Holy Mass, and the relationship of the Last Supper to the Eucharistic celebration.

Write a Review
  • 5 Dec 22nd 2016
    The Fourth Cup

    Excellent lecture on the Eucharist and the Paschal mystery.

    John Konkoly

  • 5 Nov 8th 2009
    A "life-changing" presentation!

    This presentation by <a class="autolink" href="">Scott Hahn</a> is a must-see! Amazing spiritual interpretation comparing the Seder Meal and the Last Supper, but with a twist!

    You can share it with anyone who is Jewish, Christian, or Catholic. Watch it with your <a class="autolink" href="">Bible study</a> friends!