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8 (Spiritual) New Year's Resolutions for Catholics

Dec 31, 2017 By Gretchen Filz

January is here again, and it's time to make the annual New Year's resolutions. Every Catholic should add to their list a few spiritual resolutions designed to help them walk higher up that mountain of faith. Let the freshness of a new year be your impetus to make new strides in your walk with God. There is no time but the pre[...]

St. John the Beloved and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Dec 27, 2017 By Gretchen Filz

What is not commonly known about St. John is that he has a strong connection to the Sacred Heart of Jesus devotion. About 400 years before devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus became widely popular through St. Margaret Mary Alocoque, two nuns at a monastery in 13th century Germany had a special devotion to the Sacred Heart: St.[...]

The Symbolism of The 3 Christmas Masses

Dec 20, 2017 By Gretchen Filz

Next to Easter, Christmas is the holiest day of the year. Just as we celebrate Easter as a Triduum of liturgies (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil), so at Christmas we have something like a triduum of Masses. There are three Masses celebrated on Christmas Day: at midnight, dawn, and during the day. Each Mass is di[...]

Don't Start Christmas without Advent: Here's Everything You Need to Know!

Nov 24, 2017 By Gretchen Filz

Advent is given to us as a time to prepare our souls for the coming of the Lord. Advent is to Christmas what Lent is to Easter. In modern times we are tempted to skip over the penitential aspects of Advent and focus on the joy of Christmas. This is a great tragedy. Focusing only on the joy denies the truth: the Christ Child is o[...]

A Prayer to Face Each New Day with Peace of Mind

Nov 08, 2017 By Gretchen Filz

For every hour of this day, instruct and support me in all things. Whatsoever I may receive during the day, teach me to accept them tranquilly, with the firm conviction that everything comes by Your holy will. Govern my thoughts and feelings in all I do and say. When unforeseen things occur, do not let me forget that everything[...]

The Best-Sellers: Our Ultimate Advent & Christmas Gift Guide

Nov 03, 2017 By Gretchen Filz

Getting ready for the Advent and Christmas season? We've put together an ultimate gift guide listing our top holiday sellers all in one spot. Each of the products listed here were our best-sellers from last season. It was tough doing this research and putting this article together, but we've done it just for you!