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Patron Saints

The White Cord Of St. Joseph: What You Should Know About This Unique Devotional

Jun 21, 2018 By Ashley Osmera

The White Cord of St Joseph is piously used as a remedy against physical ailments and a support in living the virtues of chastity and purity of heart. This beautiful devotion began almost 400 years ago in the small town of Antwerp, Belgium. An Augustinian nun was miraculously healed there after asking for St. Joseph's intercessi[...]

Patron Saints Of The Military (Plus Patrons For Particular Branches & Services!)

May 11, 2018 By Ashley Osmera
World War II Soldier with rosary

There’s nothing quite like seeing someone say goodbye to a spouse, family member, or friend in uniform at the airport.A long, silent hug. A gentle wave. A tearful goodbye at the parting of ways.One chin lifted bravely, a heavy bag flung over a shoulder—while the one left behind gives an encouraging smile and walks slowly back to[...]

Hidden Treasures In St. Joseph's Life: Meditating On His 7 Sorrows & Joys

May 02, 2018 By Ashley Osmera

When you're trying to imitate the behavior of someone you admire, reflecting on specific moments in his or her life is particularly helpful.We see the fruits of this practice when meditating on the mysteries of Christ’s life in the rosary, or when praying with the mysteries of Mary’s life in the Seven Sorrows devotion.Another be[...]

While You Were Sleeping: St. Joseph, Pope Francis & A Good Night's Rest

Apr 23, 2018 By Ashley Osmera

When it comes to patron saints and intercessors, Pope Francis has no shame playing favorites. He has made it clear in various audiences, such as his 2015 meeting with families in the Philippines, that St. Joseph is at the top of his list. From this report it wouldn’t be terribly difficult to guess that Pope Francis keeps[...]

30 Healing Saints for Common Ailments

Apr 14, 2018 By Mary Thierfelder

When it comes to our health and the health of loved ones, we often turn to prayer. We pray for disease prevention, for physical healing or for peace. Fortunately, there seems to be a special saint for every illness and health concern we can think of! Here is a list of both popular and not-so-well-known saints to invoke for commo[...]

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Redeeming “Doubting Thomas”: The Apostle of Divine Mercy

Apr 05, 2018 By Ashley Osmera

It’s easy to miss fascinating details while reading the Gospels—but it’s also rather exciting, because when you finally do notice these details, you appreciate them so much more!A few months ago, I had a particularly striking thought on the story of Christ’s appearance to the Apostles in the upper room, first without Thomas, and[...]

God Calling: His Actual Words To Holy Women Through the Centuries

Feb 20, 2018 By Ashley Osmera

Imagine how excited you would be if the celebrity, singer, speaker, or actor that you admire most in the world intentionally smiled at you and waved from afar, just to show that he or she acknowledged your existence. How much more excited would you be if that person actually shook your hand?What would blow my mind even more than[...]

Letter of St. Thomas Aquinas to Brother John: "How To Study"

Jan 26, 2018 By Catherine McManamon

On January 28th, the Church celebrates the feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas. He was born into a wealthy and noble family in Aquino, Italy, the pious and brilliant son of a count—and a lucrative career was planned for him. When Thomas sought to enter the newly-founded Dominican order to be a poor mendicant friar, his mother held h[...]