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Redeeming “Doubting Thomas”: The Apostle of Divine Mercy

Apr 05, 2018 By Ashley Osmera

It’s easy to miss fascinating details while reading the Gospels—but it’s also rather exciting, because when you finally do notice these details, you appreciate them so much more!A few months ago, I had a particularly striking thought on the story of Christ’s appearance to the Apostles in the upper room, first without Thomas, and[...]

God Calling: His Actual Words To Holy Women Through the Centuries

Feb 20, 2018 By Ashley Osmera

Imagine how excited you would be if the celebrity, singer, speaker, or actor that you admire most in the world intentionally smiled at you and waved from afar, just to show that he or she acknowledged your existence. How much more excited would you be if that person actually shook your hand?What would blow my mind even more than[...]

3 Ways We Can Become Spiritual Olympians

Feb 09, 2018 By Whitney Hetzel
3 Ways We Can Become Spiritual Olympians

Whether we ourselves are athletes or not, most of us recognize what it takes to compete in the Olympic Games. There is a universal understanding that athletes in the Olympics have worked hard to get there. As we watch the games, we will witness these athletes struggle against pain, face adversity, and push through mental obstacl[...]

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The Lenten Program: How To Prepare For Your Most Fruitful Lent Yet!

Jan 31, 2018 By Ashley Osmera

Why does it always seem that as soon as we put away the last of the ornaments and decorations, Lent comes upon us faster than we can work off that last batch of Christmas cookies we ate?We generally have no problem knowing when Easter and Christmas are coming, because we have weeks of preparation beforehand, with the help of Len[...]

A Prayer for the Family by St. Mother Teresa

Jan 23, 2018 By Catherine McManamon

A Prayer for the FamilyComposed by St. Mother TeresaHeavenly Father,you have given us the model of lifein the Holy Family of Nazareth.Help us, O Loving Father,to make our family another Nazarethwhere love, peace and joy reign.May it be deeply contemplative,intensely eucharistic,revived with joy.Help us to stay together in joyand[...]

Tips for a Holier New Year: Day 5 – Expect Temptations

Jan 10, 2018 By Whitney Hetzel

Bottom Line Up Front: Expect TemptationSaint Francis de Sales implored his flock not to be surprised when faced with temptations. In his Sermon on the First Sunday of Lent he said the following regarding temptations:  “We make a mistake if we assume that in this Christian walk we can avoid temptation.  Christ himself was tempted[...]

Tips For a Holier New Year: Day 4 – Conversion is Continual

Jan 09, 2018 By Whitney Hetzel

Bottom Line Upfront: Conversion is continual As we contemplate resolutions in the New Year, it is natural to think of them as significant changes that occur all of a sudden. Once we decide to change, it happens! However, this is not so with the spiritual life. Conversion is ongoing, growth takes times, and transformation comes f[...]