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A Novena to St. Paul the Apostle for Spiritual Conversion

Jan 15, 2019 By Ashley Osmera

Have you ever had a "lightning bolt" moment in your spiritual life?This "lightning moment" might be exactly like it sounds: a striking, unmistakable moment of enlightenment. Conversion of St. AugustineIt could be a line from a book that strikes you to the core and becomes imprinted on your heart, as happened with St. Augustine.I[...]

Redeeming “Doubting Thomas”: The Apostle of Divine Mercy

Apr 05, 2018 By Ashley Osmera

It’s easy to miss fascinating details while reading the Gospels—but it’s also rather exciting, because when you finally do notice these details, you appreciate them so much more!A few months ago, I had a particularly striking thought on the story of Christ’s appearance to the Apostles in the upper room, first without Thomas, and[...]

How To Celebrate As A Catholic When It’s Ash Wednesday & St. Valentine’s Day

Feb 13, 2018 By Genevieve Cunningham
How To Celebrate Ash Wednesday & St. Valentine's Day Like A Catholic

Catholics everywhere are talking about it. "Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day are on the same day this year. What do we DO?" No worries. The answer is actually pretty simple. We just haven't had to worry about this since 1945, and the coinciding of Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day won't happen again until 2024. In the meantime,[...]

7 Reasons to Bring Back the Tradition of Catholic Christmas Cards this Year

Oct 19, 2017 By Ashley Osmera

If you walk into any store or shop online between now and December 25th, you will see an increasing amount and variety of Christmas cards.Snowmen, snowy landscapes, reindeer, wrapped presents, snow-covered evergreen trees, Santa Claus, cute baby animals in the snow . . . so on and so forth.After evaluating the images, you then m[...]

6 Unexpected Ways to Imitate the Virtue of St. Teresa of Avila

Oct 13, 2017 By Ashley Osmera

What are the first things you think of when you think of a Carmelite nun? The majority of Catholics would probably think about things like: Silence Solitude Sacrifice Lots of Prayer Lots of Saints Fasting Holiness Bare feetWords that probably DON’T come to mind are: Humor Love of books FriendshipAnd yet these last wor[...]

St. John XXIII: Genius Humor From the Farm Boy Turned Powerhouse Pope

Oct 10, 2017 By Ashley Osmera

Throughout his life, especially during his years as pope, John XXIII was known for his genuine joy and a magnificent sense of humor. Considering his story, that is a striking quality and virtue to possess. John XXIII used humor in various types of moments to keep himself humble, to shed new light on situations, or simply to make[...]

A Mother's Tears: The Story of Our Lady of La Salette

Sep 18, 2017 By Ashley Osmera

On September 19, 1846—the century following the diabolical French Revolution—Our Lady appeared to two shepherd children, Maximin Giraud and Melanie Calvat, in La Salette, France. She was weeping, and she told them of a time of impending trial for France as well as for the whole world. Our Lady first spoke to the two children tog[...]

Three of the Most Misunderstood Saints of All Time

Aug 30, 2017 By Genevieve Cunningham
Some of History's Most Misunderstood Saints

Most Catholics can rattle off a list of who they consider to be the ten most popular saints. The lists would vary, of course, but would most likely contain many of the same names. There are some saints, however, who are so famous that they are known around the world—not only to Catholics, but to people of all beliefs (or no part[...]