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It is Our Christian Duty to Become a Saint and Heal the World

Oct 30, 2017 By Gretchen Filz

If you are disturbed by the evil you see happening in the world today, there is something practical and effective that you can do:

Be holy.

It is our Christian duty to become saints. God heals and transforms the world through the example of holy Christians.

In the words of Pope Benedict XVI:

"Our first duty, therefore, precisely in order to heal this world, is to be holy, configured to God; in this way we emanate a healing and transforming power that also acts on others, on history . . .

In this regard, it is useful to reflect that the Twelve Apostles were not perfect men, chosen for their moral and religious irreproachability. They were indeed believers, full of enthusiasm and zeal but at the same time marked by their human limitations, which were sometimes even serious.

Therefore Jesus did not call them because they were already holy, complete, perfect, but so that they might become so, so that they might thereby also transform history, as it is for us, as it is for all Christians."

— Pope Benedict XVI

We are not perfect. But if we abandon ourselves to God's will for our lives, we will become so. Are you willing to let God make you a saint?

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Caroline Yniguez says
Jul 25 2018 4:41PM
Thank you for reinforcing what someone pious once told me. I have resolved this for myself and have repeated this to others that were amazed to hear this. Pray for me , God bless you!

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Gretchen Filz Gretchen Filz

Gretchen is a Lay Dominican with a passion for fostering an increase in Catholic faith and devotion through content writing and journalism. She works as a digital content writer, creator, and marketer for The Catholic Company. In addition to blogging at, she is also editor of the daily devotional email and author at She holds an M.A. in Christian Apologetics and converted to the Catholic Church in 2011. She is also active in R.C.I.A., pro-life work, and various faith-based web projects.

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