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How to Use the St. Benedict Medal

Jul 08, 2017 By Gretchen Filz

The popular St. Benedict medal is crafted after the spiritual legacy of St. Benedict of Nursia (d. 547 A.D.) the founder of the incomparable order of Benedictine monks, and, as a result, Western monasticism itself.

This holy abbot, who was destined to influence the spread of Christianity across the world for centuries, had many encounters with the Devil during his life. His triumph over Satan's wiles is the origin of the power that lies behind the medal named for him.


It is not only beautiful in design; there are many spiritual benefits associated with the pious use of the medal. Because St. Benedict is the patron saint against many forms of diabolical influence—including witchcraft, poison, disease, and temptation—his medal has the power to protect those who use it faithfully from various evils and temptations. It is also used for obtaining the conversion of sinners, help for women during childbirth, the strengthening of faith, perseverance in the virtue of purity, protection during storms, the curing of diseases, and the grace of a happy death. There are also multiple indulgences associated with the St. Benedict medal that can be obtained on many liturgical feasts throughout the year, which you can read more about here.

Each of the letters engraved on the front and back of the medal stand for Latin prayers of exorcism. Read The Exorcism Formula & Blessing Ritual of the St. Benedict Medal to learn more about its powerful symbolism, as well as its special rite of blessing from the Roman Ritual.

Sterling Silver St. Benedict Medal with 24 inch chain

Needless to say, because of its prayers and indulgences, this is a very efficacious medal for spiritual protection, and a reminder of the spiritual battle taking place between heaven and hell for the eternal possession of our souls.

However, it is important to not be superstitious about the St. Benedict medal, or any other Catholic medal. They are sacramentals, which are "sacred signs instituted by the Church to prepare us to receive the fruit of the sacraments and to sanctify different circumstances of our lives" (CCC, 1677). They do not have power in and of themselves, but rather, through the merit and prayers of the Church and her saints. The use of sacramentals is never a replacement for living a holy life and remaining in a state of grace; rather, they are aids to help us persevere in our Catholic faith.

The Benedictine monks of Subiaco Abbey in Subiaco, Arkansas, explain the uses and importance of the Medal of St. Benedict:

"There is no special way prescribed for carrying or wearing the Medal of St. Benedict. It can be worn on a chain around the neck, kept in one’s pocket or purse, or placed in one’s car or home. The medal is often put into the foundations of houses and building, on the walls of barns and sheds, or in one’s place of business.

The purpose of the medal in any of the above ways is to call down God’s blessing and protection upon us, wherever we are, and upon our homes and possessions, especially through the intercession of St. Benedict. By the conscious and devout use of the medal, it becomes, as it were, a silent prayer and reminder to us of our dignity as followers of Christ.

The medal is a prayer of exorcism against Satan, a prayer for strength in time of temptation, a prayer for peace among ourselves and among the nations of the world, a prayer that the Cross of Christ be our light and guide, a prayer of firm rejection of all that is evil, a prayer of petition that we may with Christian courage “walk in God’s ways, with the Gospel as our guide,” as St. Benedict urges us.

The lessons found there can be pondered over to bring true peace of mind and heart into our lives as we struggle to overcome the weaknesses of our human nature and realize that our human condition is not perfect, but that with the help of God and the intercession of the saints our condition can become better.

The Medal of St. Benedict can serve as a constant reminder of the need for us to take up our cross daily and “follow the true King, Christ our Lord,” and thus learn “to share in his heavenly kingdom,” as St. Benedict urges us in the Prologue of his Rule."

Read more about the St. Benedict Medal from the Benedictine monks of Subiaco Abbey here. You can find many sacramentals featuring the St. Benedict medal, including rosaries and crucifixes, here.

This article has been updated and was originally published in July 2015. © The Catholic Company


Tracy says
Jan 31 2019 1:32AM
Can the priest bless it with out the exorcism prayer, only the usual prayers of blessing would suffice?
Tracy - The extra exorcism prayer is particularly associated with the Benedict Medal because of its powerful protection, especially in the face of evil and temptation. So, technically, a "usual" blessing for the blessing of any item would be fine, but it is highly recommended to include the Exorcism prayer to receive the full graces associated with the medal. Think of it as using normal water verses water with fertilizer on your garden. If you have access to the extra nutrients of the fertilizer, why only use regular water? Hope that helps.
Mila Malicdem
Mila Malicdem says
Dec 27 2018 7:23PM
I would love to have one. May I know how much the medal is? Where can i place my order?
Hello Mila - You can find a variety of styles and prices of St. Benedict medals here:
Dec 19 2018 6:51PM
i have one.
allan says
Nov 30 2018 11:09AM
i have one of this medal .
Lie Jaym Garcia
Lie Jaym Garcia says
Nov 21 2018 5:18AM
Im lucky because I have one of this holy medal from my grand mother nlw I know thanks to God..
Paula Rehwaldt
Paula Rehwaldt says
Nov 8 2018 11:24AM
Our 2 daughters have left their faith and there is not enough space here to tell you the horrible things they have done to there dad and me! Yes they are our biological children and my husband went to RCIA in 1989.We were virgins on our wedding night and we have been married 41 years.My dear husband has become an alcoholic and now has liver disease!He is slowly deteriorating and won't stop drinking!My great Aunt told me years ago we will NEVER have peace with our girls as long as they are taking advice from the ones who are not CATHOLIC! I have kept my mouth shut.We have 2 grandsons and our oldest daughter won't let them stay over night! Yes my husband has asked them to come home to talk and they say,"What for?" The devil has won!
Janet Knipp
Janet Knipp says
Oct 19 2018 6:40PM
Many years ago when my son was an infant he was very sick. He had a gamma globulin deficiency and had almost no immunity whatsoever. always in the hospital he would go to sleep and wake up with 105 fever and the last time he had been in the hospital a nun came by and said what could be possibly wrong with this baby so beautiful and happy. When I told her she said wait a minute she said I'm retiring today she said and I have something for you and she brought out the SaintBenedict medals. she told me and my husband to put one on us and one on the baby and she gave me the card to pray the prayer to Saint Benedict. The doctor had given up total hope for my son and told me there was no more that could be done for him and that I would just wake up one morning and find him dead in his crib. Well after wearing a medal and praying he took another test and there was only two places in the entire United States that even did this test at that time. When the results came back the doctor could not believe his eyes he looks through all the medical history books to see if this ever happened before and my son actually made medical history because he was cured of his gamma globulin deficiency. Everything was negative as if nothing had ever happened to him after the doctor telling me there was no more that he could do. Trust in Saint Benedict and trust in the Lord and I promise you this miracle can happen to Anyone who puts their faith in St Benedict. My son is now a doctor himself and to think many years ago there was not even a chance for his survival. All praise and honor and glory to God and to Saint Benedict
Debra J Witte
Debra J Witte says
Sep 21 2018 3:45AM
What is the meaning of the St. Benedict key ?
Austinmary Ifunanya Eze
Austinmary Ifunanya Eze says
Aug 2 2018 10:22PM
I got one yesterday
Austinmary Ifunanya Eze
Austinmary Ifunanya Eze says
Aug 2 2018 10:01PM
Wow! This is really great.
I had a dream about this medal, wherein I was preventing demons from escaping a small satanic box-portal, I searched around and found the exact same style of cross, though the one in the dream was suspended within the circle of letters.
Santino says
Jul 13 2018 9:51PM
And also is the st benedict crucifix and medal the same or not and if so which one is the best to wear?
Hello Santino,
The St. Benedict crucifix has the Benedict medal at the center of it. Which you would like to wear is totally up to your personal preference; both are powerful means of protection and growth in holiness when you accompany the wearing of the medal with a sincere devotion to this incredible saint!
Santino says
Jul 13 2018 9:44PM
Hello I’m asking if it’s okay that a st benedict medal spin like a coin because my st benedict medal has a circle around it and its spin many times when I’m wearing it
Santino- I wouldn't attach too much importance to's very difficult to give a particular significance to things like that. However, if you haven't had the medal blessed yet I would ask a priest to bless it for you. You could also ask the priest about the movement. God Bless.
Richard Luna
Richard Luna says
Jun 20 2018 10:16AM
I would love to have one. Would wear it faithfully.
Rose says
Jun 10 2018 3:10PM
I think I should get one
Maximilian says
Jun 2 2018 10:10AM
Needs to be blessed in the old rite by an fssp priest. They don't use that exorcising prayer in the novus ordo churches.
Here is the traditional set of exorcism prayers used for the blessing of the medal: This is the long formula of the exorcism prayer, which may be prayed by any priest.
D. Mercado
D. Mercado says
May 31 2018 7:50PM
I need to share my story regarding the St. Benedict Medal. In April 2018, while visiting the Sedona Desert in Arizona with my 2 sisters & our spouses, while walking back to our vehicle I was chatting with my youngest sister & I looked down & lying on top of the sand was a medal. I picked it up. There wasn't 1 speck of sand on it, regardless of the high winds blowing sand around that day. We had no idea what the medal was, but I knew I was meant to find it.

A few days after returning home to Indiana, I looked at the medal with a magnifying glass & I Googled all the writing & letters that were on the medal. My search brought up hundreds of websites. I skimmed through a few websites regarding the medal before I came to THIS website, which I felt compelled to read in it's entirety.

When I finished reading about this medal, I looked at the first comment & about fainted. Our daughter passed away in March 2016...her name was Maria Mercado...the name of the person who wrote that first comment.

I know my Maria played a part in me finding the St. Benedict Medal, & to read the meaning of it & the protection it serves. The finding of this medal & that first comment couldn't have been just a was meant for me. It truly was a miracle for me, & I know my sweet girl is watching over me.
Anna says
Apr 27 2018 2:29AM
Several strange, unpleasant and dangerous things happened at home so I felt my family needed protection. I felt extremely insecure, fearful, depressed for several years. We are 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Now all of us have our Saint Benedict Rosaries and medals, my husband, too. I also carry one medal in our car and another at the entrance of our house. I took them to Church to get blessed. I pray the Rosary everyday. We also have holy water which is another sacramental. I have improved a lot. My husband feels renewed in the Spirit, as well. I recommend to give this medal to your family as a gift and pray as much as you can.
Mary says
Nov 10 2017 6:57AM
Thank you for sharing. Our home was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. In rebuilding , we will place a St Benedict medal in the wall over each doorway. We pray for protection against all evil and temptations and for protection from storms. I have carried a medal in my purse for over a year as well.
Sheer says
Sep 27 2017 10:35AM
I just got one today!
Rb Reginio
Rb Reginio says
Sep 16 2017 6:56PM
I have one
I recommend Fr Chad Ripperger's talk on sacramentals on YouTube or his website for more info on how to use the St Benedict medal and the graces associated with this and other sacramentals.

Remember that God uses the material world to spread His healing and protection just like Elisha's bones and the hankerchiefs touched to St Paul (Acts 19:11-12)
Priscilla says
Jul 14 2017 2:36AM
Where can I get medal
Hi Priscilla, you can shop our St. Benedict medals here:
Ernesto says
Jul 11 2017 9:14AM
Beautiful Medal!
Margarita Emelyn B. Villamor
Margarita Emelyn B. Villamor says
Jul 10 2017 11:07PM
He really helped me when our neighbor's house is burning...i know He and our Lord let the wind blew to other side...and our house was saved...#thankful

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