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Improve your Prayer Life with a Home Prayer Corner

Aug 30, 2012 By Gretchen Filz



A consistent prayer life is one of the most important habits a Christian can develop.

However, most of us know that maintaining a prayer life is not easy and takes much effort and commitment. Thankfully, Catholics have many tools which they can use to develop their prayer life including the Catholic Bible, rosaries, crucifixes, and the Liturgy of the Hours, to name a few.  The question for Christians is, how do we practically maintain a life of prayer amidst all the distractions and priorities of our day?

This is a fantastic question that has a multitude of answers. For starters, you can pray the rosary daily, carry or wear a small crucifix to remind you to pray, or prayerfully read the Catholic Bible regularly. These are all great ideas.

One practice that has completely renovated and improved my personal prayer life is making a prayer corner in my home.

A prayer corner may differ from home to home, but at the very least it is a small space which serves as a visible encouragement to pray.  Mine consists of an amazing crucifix, my favorite holy cards, a Catholic Bible, and a rosary. I have everything on a little desk with the crucifix on the wall above it. My home prayer corner is next to my bed and serves as a consistent reminder to pray and make Jesus Christ the most important part of my life each day.

Your prayer corner should include things that speak to you personally. For example, a prayer book you love, or a favorite Catholic gift you've received, or a favorite saint statue. Catholic icons depicting Jesus or Mary also make great additions to prayer corners. If you have a love for the rosary then you should certainly include one. If you keep a prayer journal, putting that in your corner with a pen is also a great reminder to keep up with it. Including a beautiful crucifix is another good idea, as it will encourage you to reflect on your relationship with Christ and his ultimate sacrificial love for you.

I hope that your prayer corner includes whatever will benefit your relationship with Christ the most, whether that be a rosary, a Catholic Bible, prayer cards, or all three. If you don’t have a prayer corner already, just give it a shot.  Chances are good that it will be a great spiritual benefit to you and your family.


{ Click the image below for one family's creative use of a home prayer corner }



Victoria Ragusa says
Jul 21 2014 10:40PM
As part of our Sicilian heritage, our family has always kept an "altar" in our home. As a child, I remember the altar being in our dining room. It had statues and pictures of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, other saints, a crucifix and candle. I was particularly enchanted with a statue that included the gates of heaven that opened. In addition to aiding with our prayers, those statues helped me envision the saints as people whom I felt I knew, and by playing with the statues, I got to act out events in their lives making me appreciate them as people who actually lived on this Earth like me. Still today, I keep an altar in my own home. It brings me comfort just knowing it is there.
Virginia Patino says
Sep 2 2012 2:37PM
Yes, I also visit the adoration chapel as often as I can. Daily I pray before my altar with the images of the Lord of Mercy, Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart of MAry and a crucifix and St.Michael Archangel.

I pray daily The Rosary to the Glory of God the Eternal FAther every 3 o'clock in the morning and in the afternoon; the Auxiliary Prayer of the Legion of MAry, the Holy Rosary binding my loved ones to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for protection; the Perpetual Novena to the Lady of the Immaculate Conception and Prayer to St Anthony and the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy incessantly. I pray short ejaculatory prayers such as Jesus, I trust in You! while working or watching the children.

I hope to have God always in my mind and heart.
Tom Kearney says
Aug 31 2012 1:24PM
If there is a church or oratory near you,regular visits to the Blessed Sacrament there, are, by far, the best way 'to keep in touch'with our God, since Jesus is truly present there in the tabernacle, Body Blood, Soul and Divinity, waiting, always waiting to welcome you with a love beyond all telling.

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