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The Rosary and the Trick to Tricky Habits

Aug 31, 2017 By Mary Kate

I guess flossing never felt like a real choice that I faced when there was no floss in sight. But it is, as I understand it, the non-negotiable factor in having actually healthy teeth. And I think that's kind of how the rosary works. And yesterday it hit me, that all this time maybe I would have found myself praying the rosary i[...]

CATEGORIES: Catholic Living / Prayer
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How to Keep a Prayer Journal

Aug 07, 2017 By Mary Thierfelder

Do you want to become more aware of God’s presence in your daily life? To learn to speak to Him in your own words? When prayer seems dry and you are not hearing the voice of God, a prayer journal can become a pivotal tool for improving your spiritual life. You’ll be in good company!

CATEGORIES: Catholic Living / Prayer