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A Great Tradition for Kids! Making Small Sacrifices for the Baby Jesus During Advent

Nov 15, 2016 By Gretchen Filz

Place the creche in a prominent place in the home, perhaps next to your Advent wreath, and encourage children to make their spiritual gifts out of love for the Baby Jesus each day leading up to Christmas. For each small sacrifice or good deed done by a child during Advent, a piece of straw (or something that comparable that you[...]

The Day My Mom Ran Into Mother Teresa When She Needed It Most

Sep 01, 2016 By Genevieve Cunningham
How I Was Literally Touched by Mother Teresa

Back in 1995, my mom was a young mother with five children. (There are nine of us now.) It was a time of life that was truly testing her limits. She was stretched thin as a wife and mother, trying to raise us while my dad, who worked very long hours, came home late in the evening and usually missed dinner. Money was tight for th[...]

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Essential Gift Ideas For Sending Your Catholic Child Off to College

Jul 13, 2016 By Gretchen Filz

Going off to college can be an exciting (and nervous!) adventure for both parents and their children. Their dorm or apartment will be your college student's new home away from home. Make sure you prepare them for life on campus with these must-have Catholic essentials that will help them to practice and grow in their faith while[...]

Slow Down: Family Meal Prep Time is As Important as the Meal Itself

Jun 28, 2016 By Gretchen Filz

In today’s fast-paced and activity-laden society, many families look to cut down on food preparation time to make it quick and easy. But is this fast food mentality a good idea? What are we missing out on when we cut corners with the family meal? Here is what Fr. Leo Patalinghug (the family meal aficionado and cooking expert) ha[...]