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My "God Incident" with Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Jun 26, 2015 By Veronica Mena

The devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help is an important patroness in many cities and countries worldwide, such as Haiti and the Philippines. Latin America knows her too as Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro, or, Our Lady of Perpetual Succor.Many cathedrals, parishes, schools, hospitals, and non-governmental organizations car[...]

The Day I Met St. Mark in Venice: A Latina's True Fairy Story

Apr 23, 2015 By Veronica Mena

"Peace be upon you, O Mark, my Evangelist." Venetian legend has it that, while visiting the region of Italy that would later become Veneto, Mark was approached by an angel, greeted with those words, and told that the Venetian lagoon would be his ultimate resting place.When I learned that the coffin behind the high altar kept the[...]

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Giving God Your Firstfruits

Jul 22, 2014 By Gretchen Filz

Have you ever experienced those moments at Mass when something said in the homily just hits you between the eyes?I had that experience recently. I don’t remember anything else about the homily except for the phrase “Give God the firstfruits.”

Praying with a Crucifix Like a Saint

Oct 25, 2012 By Gretchen Filz

Now, when you actually use a crucifix as an object to pray with (kind of how you would with a rosary), a crucifix becomes an especially powerful aid to prayer. Having a crucifix before your eyes is a great way to meditate on the passion of Jesus so that you can be more closely united with him in it.