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A Prayer for the Family by St. Mother Teresa

Jan 23, 2018 By Catherine McManamon

A Prayer for the Family

Composed by St. Mother Teresa

Heavenly Father,

you have given us the model of life

in the Holy Family of Nazareth.

Help us, O Loving Father,

to make our family another Nazareth

where love, peace and joy reign.

May it be deeply contemplative,

intensely eucharistic,

revived with joy.

Help us to stay together in joy

and sorrow in family prayer.

Teach us to see Jesus in the members of our families,

especially in their distressing disguise.

May the eucharistic heart of Jesus

make our hearts humble like his

and help us to carry out our family duties

in a holy way.

May we love one another

as God loves each one of us,

more and more each day,

and forgive each other's faults

as you forgive our sins.

Help us, O Loving Father,

to take whatever you give

and give whatever you take with a big smile.

Immaculate Heart of Mary,

cause of our joy, pray for us.

St. Joseph, pray for us.

Holy Guardian Angels,

be always with us,

guide and protect us.




Lynda Gulley says
Jan 14 2019 9:51AM
Please pray for my immediate family (my children, their spouses and grandchildren)and extended family (my siblings, their spouses, and their families). There are many of us and the relationships can be stressful. I pray for the repentance and conversion of all this large family and their return to our wonderful Lord and Saviour, and to our Holy Catholic Church. I also pray for the return of a sense of humour, a forgiving heart and an open generous nature. Jesus is King.
MARIA says
Jan 13 2019 8:25AM
Satan took my family that I love very much with all my heart please pray for my family to be reunited in CHRIST I beg you JESUS please help me answer my prayer please I love LORD JESUS in your HOLY name I pray AMEN.
Livi says
Jul 3 2018 2:57PM
Please pray for my friend's sister, Laura who is in a deep coma. May God's will be done. May our Lord strengthen the family and show them his mercy, love and guidance. I pray for our police officers and firemen, may God be their constant protector. I pray for my sis and nephew and his baby momma, that God reign in their home - let faith, peace, love, understanding and respect rule their hearts. Praying for all families who suffer and have challenges due to separation, divorce, illness, addictions, mental illness and lack of Jesus Christ in their hearts and homes. God have mercy, forgive us all and love and guide us. Amen.
Corinne Gomez says
Jun 5 2018 4:04PM
Please submit this prayer request.

My Son, Bobby, suffers anxiety, which he uses alcohol and pot to calm him down. His behavior is bizaar and erratic, which is worrying me even more. He tries to help himself by taking detox teas and herbs but to no avail. I can't afford a clinic for him. I am praying for a miracle now, before he gets worse. I pray for his recovery to be restored to his perfect healthy self. In God's name, Amen... Thank you
G. SNYDER says
Jan 28 2018 12:17PM
Thankful to come in prayer. Pray for all families suffering in today's society. Assist those who are heavy burden as caregivers, those suffering with mental illness, and those who have lost a family due to drug addition, those who lost a family member due to senseless crimes. We come as a,empty vessel needing to be filled with a loving and forgiving spirit. I pray for all that come in prayer to believe our prayers are answered not in our way but Our Father's way. Thy Will Be Done, and give us the courage to move forward in believing and the strength to wait on His Divine Timing. Be blessed as well as a blessing for those to see He lives. Thankful ?, Grateful Soul !!
Ann Marie Stokman says
Jan 27 2018 6:41PM
Frances says
Jan 25 2018 7:56PM
such a remarkable role model for us all

I pray everday for her to help us
Kate Csillam says
Jan 25 2018 1:51PM
Thank you my daughter and our beautiful St. Teresa for her profound love, wisdom and humility of heart. Let us all obtain her great graces through her prayer for families and her extraordinary love for our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST,SON of the living GOD?
Juanita says
Jan 25 2018 1:38PM
This prayer was exactly what i needed to see/read today. My husband and I have four grown children and sixteen grandchildren all of whim we live dearly. We all live in the same small town, and go to the same small church. Recently satan has been working overtime with trying to cause division with a falling out we had with our oldest daughter. She refuses to talk to us. Has stopped going to church and even blocked us from calling. And kicked my husband out of her house. My heart is broken. I beg the Holy Family to restore our family's and respect and love for one another.
Mary Jo Kiefer says
Jan 25 2018 2:19AM
Thank you Mother

Thresa for your guiding light. May our families be blessed by this prayer you have left us. Amen
Vangie Little says
Jan 24 2018 2:11PM
Pray for my family, for peace , love n faith. Alot of patience.
Vangie Little says
Jan 24 2018 2:09PM
Pray for us the Little Larios n Collins families. Thank you!
Mary Ann Hall says
Jan 24 2018 1:11PM
What a great role model!

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