Let the saints guide you to an extraordinary life.

You are called to aim higher.

God gives every Christian what they need to live an extraordinary life. The best examples we have are the lives of the saints: men and women who pursued holiness no matter what challenges stood in their way. Even the most ordinary life has the ability to be extraordinary simply by following God’s lead. In the words of St. Josemaría Escrivá, “Not all can become rich, wise, famous … yet, all of us—yes, all of us—are called to be saints.” But how do we become saints, exactly?

Virtue transforms ordinary into extraordinary.

Prayer alone is not enough to make a saint. We must also act. Each Christian, one by one, must respond to their personal and unique call to holiness by building virtue in their souls. The virtues help us please God and cooperate with His grace by consistently choosing the right action, in the right way, at the right time, and for the right reasons.

Learning to do this isn’t easy—but it’s worth it. If we learn and practice the virtues we will become, little by little, the saints that we are called to be. However, we won’t grow in virtue without a concrete strategy.

What are the individual virtues, and how did the saints practice them in their own lives? This is exactly what we'll examine in Heroic Virtue.

Why join this series?

Heroic Virtue is a 21-day devotional series that will teach you the fascinating process of how virtue grows in the soul. You’ll learn specific virtues—such as integrity and diligence, patience and humility, docility and shrewdness—and what they truly mean. Each virtue is paired with the real-life story of a saint who practiced that virtue heroically. Through this detailed study of the virtues and the lives of the saints, you will be encouraged to master them in your own life.

Holiness is meant for everyone. It is meant for you. Those who look to the saints and practice heroic virtue in their own lives will find themselves living an extraordinary life! As St. Therese of Lisieux encouraged us, “Begin now ... believe me, don’t wait until tomorrow to begin becoming a saint!”

When does the series begin?

Heroic Virtue begins on October 11th and concludes on All Hallows Eve, the vigil of All Saints Day. For each of the 21 days of this series you will receive an email linking you to new daily content posted right here at GoodCatholic.com. You'll be able to repeat the series as often as you wish for one full year. Don’t wait! Subscribe today.

Virtue endures.
Virtue transforms.
Virtue inspires.
Are you ready to be a hero?

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