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The Gospel Rosary of Pope John Paul II (CDs)

The Gospel Rosary of Pope John Paul II (CDs)

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4.821428 / 5 stars
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Product Description

This beautifully compiled 4 CD set includes all twenty mysteries of the Rosary along with dramatic scripture readings recited by Vinny Flynn, set to the moving melodies of the musical group, Still Waters. While Pope John Paul II does not actually recite the rosary on this CD, this version of the Rosary is based on Pope John Paul II's specific requests in On the Most Holy Rosary (Rosarium Virginis Mariae). The Gospel Rosary of Pope John Paul II is the ideal gift for Catholics on the go. Praying the Rosary on the way to or from work can make the daily commute a little less hectic and a little more peaceful.

This is not the voice of John Paul II rather just his reflections. Each CD includes two versions:

  • 35-minute, 5-decade rosary with the Holy Father’s personal reflections, scripture readings, fruit of the mystery prayers, and sung Glory Be.

  • 23-minute, 5-decade rosary with brief meditations. Perfect for short trips or when time is limited.


Dimensions & Specifications

  • Language: English
  • Saint: Pope Saint John Paul II
  • Format: CD

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Reviews - The Gospel Rosary of Pope John Paul II (CDs)

Average Customer Rating
(4.82/5 Stars, 28 Ratings) Based on 28 Reviews

My most favorite prayer

Review: I listen to this rosary in my car (I have a long work route). It became my most favorite daily prayer. The recording is very well done and I love the gospel reading before each part.

Incredible Book

Review: I bought this book, originally, to be used for Lent, and started the readings on Ash Wednesday. These quotes from Pope John Paul's homilies are so inspiring, as well as the self-reflections that follow, that I intend to read them throughout the year. Some of them really hit me personally as I know they will others. They also help me to constantly strengthen my faith. Absolutely wonderful!

Beautifully presented Gospel Rosary

Review: This is a beautiful recitation of the Gospel Rosary is truly a spirit-filled gift that is meaningful to my whole family. I highly recommend The Gospel Rosary of Pope John Paul II - especially in this year when he will become Saint!

The Gospel Rosary of Pope John Paul CD

Review: I love all the CDs. I love the convenience of listening to the long or short version of the Mysteries. Also the music while the Rosary is recited is excellent. Each Our Father and Hail Mary is spoken in a clear and spiritual manner. This is an excellent CD set. Beats the Holy Land Rosary DVD any day. Also each Mystery is spoken in detail with its true meaning. WOW.

Excellent CD set

Review: I got this CD set for use when I travel to work. Just pop in the CD and pray along. No need to keep track, as CD does it all. Allows me t pay attention to road and traffic and still pray a morning daily rosary.

Enhances my prayer life

Review: This is a wonderful CD to use in the car. I am consistently drawn into a deeper meditation of the rosary with the narratives drawn from the Gospels. The aspect of communal prayer enriches my time with our Mother and the Lord. Definitely worth the purchase.

Great sevice. Very pleased

Review: We use for first monday group rosary

Great prayer help for the rosary

Review: I use this version of the rosary to incorporate scripture into the meditation.

It is the best!

Review: The dramatization and background music make each Mystery come to life. It makes my Praying the Rosary much, much more meaningful!

Very Inspirational

Review: These CDs are beautifully done and very inspirational. I have used them to pray the rosary both at home and in my car.

A Beautiful Aid to Praying the Rosary

Review: My Rosary time has become more meaningful since I started praying with the Gospel Rosary CDs. Each Mystery jumps out of the CD. It makes me understand each Mystery more. Perfect! It is a heavensent CD!

I would buy his prodct again and again

Review: Use it to pray the Rosary. Very peaceful readings and music. I love this material and I will buy another set for a Christmas gift

Very Inspirational

Review: My sister uses it regularly. She is considering getting it for me as she feels I would benefit from using it.

Have bought this for the second time

Review: I use this daily for saying the Rosary. I bought one about a year ago and I ended up after all that time giving it to someone that really wanted it and so I bought myself a new one. I love the way it makes me feel closer to God.

A solid help in prayer

Review: I saved this rosary set to an MP3 player and I pray the rosary as I commute to work on the train. I have always had difficulty finding time to pray the rosary and this CD set is a great help in praying. I love the scriptural readings for each mystery and the prayers for the fruit of each mystery....

No voice of JPII here...

Review: I read the hype and expected to hear the voice of Pope John Paul II on these CDs somewhere. Alas, it's an OK CD of the Rosary, but not what I thought I was buying. I am continuing to use my previously purchased CD from Fr. Scallon to pray the Rosary.

It's all I could ask for.

Review: GREAT

Not actually Pope John Paul II reciting

Review: While I enjoyed listening to the Rosary readings I was disappointed upon reception of this product that it was not, in fact, a reading by Pope John Paul II. From the title I thought it would be Pope John Paul II before his death. I asked around and others also agreed that the title of this CD set is misleading.

I love it!

Review: I love saying the rosary on my way home from work, but sometimes I get so distracted, thinking about the events of the day. I got this to help me concentrate. It is beautiful & even though I still get distracted, I am much better.

Great Rosary CD

Review: I have enjoyed my recent purchase of the Gospel Rosary of Pope John Paul II very much. The reflections of each mystery help to transport me into the setting and thereby helps me to meditate on it as if I were there. I also love the singing of the Glory Be, which I had never heard. Singing it brings a whole new meaning to the prayer. I would recommend it to anyone who regularly prays the rosary and for those who are just wanting to pray it for the first time. It is a great teaching tool and a guide to a more deeper prayer life.


Review: I got this as a gift, and they loved it! It is easy to follow and the back round music is soothing!

The most comprehensive rosary CD

Review: I appreciate all aspects of this CD. Every part draws you deep into spiritual communion with God. I have used the long version and the short version. I prefer the long version because of the rich scripture readings which immerse you into the mysteries of the rosary. Each set of decades is on its own CD. Makes an excellent gift.

A Thousand Bravos to the Flynn Family!

Review: Vinny Flynn and his family are truly blessed! These CDs are absolutely wonderful! They can be used easily, individually or in groups. The Flynns sweep you off your feet with their reflections and meditations, and Erin Flynn has got to be one of the best gospel singers in America today. You will not be disappointed with this CD set!

I suggest these for all families

Review: I am so happy to have the Mysteries on separate CDs. We recite the rosary together at home, in the car or even by ourselves.

The perfect Christmas gift!

Review: This was the perfect Christmas gift for my father. A devoted fan of John Paul II, he prays the rosary daily. Now he does it with this CD set: a different mystery every day, with beautiful music!

The Gopel Rosary

Review: Although I grew up Catholic, I never prayed the Rosary. I wanted to learn how to do it, but I have little free time. I can listen to this to and from work and pray along with it. I love that I can do a long or short version, depending on the time I can commit that day.

Best Rosary CD

Review: Helps me meditate on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary. Keeps my mind from being distracted.

This is the best!

Review: Deeply moving, soul satisfying, reach, for a deeper commitment and closer walk with God. You will glean a greater spiritual connection with the Almighty. You not only will understand His presence but He will see your desire for a greater understanding of His universe and a closer walk with Him.
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