Green Crystal Magnetic Rosary Bracelet

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Rosary Bracelet
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  • Magnetic rosary bracelet
  • Includes all five decades
  • Gorgeous crystal beads
  • Unique gift idea
  • Contemporary yet reverent

Here is a fresh spin on the much-loved rosary bracelet. Crafted of crystal beads with varying hues reminiscent of evergreen and ivy, this bracelet features all five decades and a unique, magnetic closure. It is easy to put on and the powerful magnet remains firmly in place all day. Both feminine and devotional, it is a beautiful reminder to pray the rosary daily, as Our Lady has asked us to.

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  • Genuine crystal beads
  • Strong magnet closure

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  • 2 Aug 11th 2020
    Pretty, but not well made

    I loved this bracelet when I got it. But the first time I wore it the crucifix fell off. I never found it. I wore the bracelet again anyway. The magnetic closure pops open at very little pressure and the bracelet fell off my wrist a couple of times when I reached into my pants pocket. The Third and Last Time I wore it, the bracelet came off my wrist and I never found it. So yourself a favor and a bracelet with a real clasp.

    Carole Treft

  • 3 Jun 30th 2020
    Beauty 5 stars magnetic clasp 1 star

    This bracelet is gorgeous I would probably wear it everyday however 100% of the times I have wore it it has fallen off to the ground, lucky I have found it or someone has given it back to me, I just stopped wearing it.

    Patty Nienhaus

  • 5 Mar 21st 2017
    Pretty Green Magnetic Rosary

    I use this in my car. I put it on my rearview mirror and use it while driveing. It is small enough and does not get into the way of driving. Beads are extremely small. I can put other rosaries strung onto this rosary for other passengers in my car.

    Dianna Reed

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