Handbook for Today's Catholic Children

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Francine M. O'Connor
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  • Handbook for Today's Catholic Children
  • Author: Francine M. O'Connor
  • Faith tool for children

Handbook for Today's Catholic Children uses charming illustrations, creative analogies, and simple text to explain the basic beliefs of the Catholic Faith at a level your children will comprehend. Chapters like "One, Two, Three: What a Mystery!", Jesus Gathers a Family", and "The All-Stars of the Church" make Catholic Faith basics like the Trinity, the church, and the communion of saints simple for young children. Patterned after the Handbook for Today's Catholic, this booklet entertains, informs, and inspires children in the ways of the Catholic faith.

Table of Contents:  Introductions, You and God: Friends Forever (Intimacy With God), One, Two, Three: What a Mystery (The Trinity), The God Within (Grace), Jesus Gathers a Family (The Church), A Mother to Love You (Mary), God Gives You His Word (The Bible), All About Sin - More About Love (Sin and Forgiveness), Meeting Jesus in His Signs (The Seven Sacraments), The All-Stars of the Church (The Communion of Saints), The Rules of the Game (The Ten Commandments), Jesus Commands Us to Love (The Two Great Commandments), The Church Cares for You (Rules of the Church), You Care for the Church (The Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy), Sharing the Good News (Evangelization and Discipleship).

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  • Softcover
  • 64 pages

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