Handmade Julian of Norwich Statue

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  • Patron of Cats
  • Teacher of Being Well
  • Handmade in the U.S.A.


Julian, born in 1342, was an anchoress in Norwich, England. A medieval anchoress like Julian spent her life in a cell attached to the wall of a church. Julian's function was to pray and to give counsel. Many medieval anchoresses kept cats as mousers, and a longstanding legend holds that Julian had a cat in her cell. Julian was also a mystic and the first woman to write a book in English. Her book, Showings of Divine Love, is a description and analysis of her visions. In one passage she writes: “He [God] also showed me a little thing, the size of a hazelnut, lying in the palm of my hand. I looked at it with the eyes of my understanding and thought, `What can this be?’ My question was answered in this fashion: `It is everything that is made.’ I marveled at how this could be, for it seemed to me that it might suddenly fall into nothingness, it was so small. An answer for this was given to my understanding: ‘It lasts, and ever shall last, because God loves it.’” Julian had seen in the hazelnut what mystics in all faiths (and many scientists) have stated: if one can view any one thing–no matter how lowly or despicable–with absolute clarity, then all things and the basis of reality are revealed and one can be at peace. Another well-known passage from Julian summarizes the peace that resulted from her revelations: “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.”

In this statue, Julian holds the revelatory hazelnut in her right hand and a contemplative cat in her left arm.  

This one of a kind piece is hand carved by American artist Hank Schlau and hand painted by his wife Karen Schlau. Made of durable material that can be displayed both indoors and outdoors. 


Dimension & Specifications

  • 9.5 x 4 x 2 inches 
  • Hand Painted Cast Stone
  • Boxed Item
  • Comes with history card
  • Can stand or hang

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Write a Review
  • 3 Jun 18th 2016
    beautiful, but an unexpected extra charge

    The statue is very attractive and good and solid. I look forward to seeing it in place when I take it to my new place in Venice, Italy. I thought the flat needed a cat patron! When the parcel arrived in Northern Ireland, I had to pay additional customs duty of about $22.00 equivalent, which was unexpected. One detail of the statue which I'm not happy with is the painting of the cat, which is a bit sloppy. Otherwise, I'm happy with this piece.

    Gillian Humphreys

  • 5 May 2nd 2011
    Beautifully made

    I am so happy that I've purchased this beautifully made statue. I placed it on my fireplace mantel. It is a comfort to know that Julian is in my home watching over my cats when I have to leave for work. I appreciate that the cat is white while Julian's robe is brown. The cat stands out in her arms. Best Uses: Display; Pros: Attention to detail, Beautiful, Comforting

    Kathy from Dobbs

  • 5 Apr 6th 2011
    Julian of Norwich

    I am a cat lover who never heard of Julian of Norwich until I did a search on the web. I have three beautiful cats. I work and leave them home all day to entertain themselves. At work my cats sometimes cross my mind. I have one cat who is asthmatic, and I sometimes worry about him when I'm not home. When I received this beautifully handmade statue of Julian of Norwich, I placed it on my fireplace mantel. With her presence in my home, I have a feeling of safety and protection for my cats, and I worry less about their safety and wellbeing when I'm away from home. Best Uses: Display anywhere; Cons: none; Pros: Beautifully Made, Peace of mind, Protector of Pets

    Kathy from Dobbs

  • 5 Mar 31st 2011
    So beautiful

    I have my statue of Julian of Norwich on the mantel of my fireplace. It is so finely detailed, heavy, well made and beautiful. With the statue of Julian in my home, I trust in her protection of my cats. Best Uses: Meditation, Trust for protection; Cons: none; Pros: Beautiful, Calming, Finely Detailed, inspirational, QUALITY WORKMANSHIP

    Kathy from Dobbs

  • 5 Oct 21st 2010
    Beautiful statue; quality workmanship

    I have this statue hanging on a wall near some books and personal altar space. It is a beautiful piece that I really love. I am very happy with the work and detail that obviously went into it and that is such a solid statue. Cons: none; Pros: Attention to detail, Beautiful, Quality work, Solid, Well Made


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