Handmade St. Jerome Statue

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Handmade St. Jerome Statue
  • Patron of Booklovers and Librarians
  • Handmade in the U.S.A.


Born in what is now Croatia, Jerome (ca. 345-420) became a monk around the age of 25. After a dream in which he was told he was not Christian enough, he moved to the Syrian desert to become a hermit. The desert hermits were a group of men, and a few women, who lived focused on extreme physical austerity but spiritual abundance. Jerome went to the desert like others, with the intention of abandoning attachment to certain things so that he might embrace All, but he could not detach himself from learning: while others took nothing but rags with them to desert, Jerome brought his entire library. For this, and other reasons, he is the patron of booklovers, librarians, and scholars. In the desert, Jerome taught himself Hebrew (he already knew Greek) so that he could be closer to the original languages of the Bible. After four or five years in the desert, he returned to Rome, where Pope Damasus asked him to take on an immense task: to translate the entire Bible into Latin. Working from the Hebrew of the Old Testament and the original Greek version of the New Testament, Jerome spent the rest of his life on the project, a work (the Vulgate) of almost unimaginable breadth. (For this he is also the patron of translators.) Besides his scholarship, Jerome was a ferocious social critic, especially when it came to the lives of fellow clergy. Finally, Jerome is often depicted, as here, with a lion. The story is that a lion one day limped into the monastery where Jerome was at work. Other monks fled. Jerome, lion-like himself, stayed calm. The lion handed Jerome its paw. Jerome withdrew a thorn. For the rest of its life, the lion protected the scholar. This story is the reason that statues of lions often appear before libraries: those are Jerome’s lions.

Cast and molded by Hank Schlau and handpainted by Karen Schlau. Designed to hang or stand and suitable to be placed indoors or outdoors.


Dimension & Specifications

  • 7.5 x 2 x 1.5 inches
  • Hand Painted Cast Stone
  • Boxed Item
  • Comes with history card
  • Can stand or hang


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Write a Review
  • 5 Jul 23rd 2019

    As they are handmade each one is unique. And it 's not too large a statue but fits nicely on a shelf in our library.


  • 5 Feb 8th 2012
    Just What I Was Looking For

    I Keep this St Jerome statue, on my desk - I am a writer and so we have something in common he and I. This statue is the perfect size for my desk and all the papers and books that are always on it. The craftmanship is lovely and I am happy to have it - Thank You

    Barbara The Writer

  • 5 May 29th 2011
    Great Gift for Book Lovers!

    My Grandfather absolutely loved this product! It is very rare I see him without a book in his hand or in close proximity. He is still grinning ear - to - ear and always asks, "Do you know why St. Jerome has a Lion next to him?" :) Best Uses: Bookshelf, Display; Pros: Book Lover, Statue

    Terry Booklover

  • 5 Oct 19th 2010
    saint Jerome statue

    [...] very pleased with this statue,and a saint Jerome statue is hard to find. I have placed this on display in my front room,and I have a devotion candle next to it. Best Uses: My home display; Cons: none; Pros: Very nice

    Red Swan

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