Hell: A Guide & A Travel Guide to Heaven (2 Book Set)

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  • 2 Book set by Anthony DeStefano about Heaven and Hell
  • Hell: A Guide
  • An exploration of what we know--and what we cannot know
  • A Travel Guide to Heaven
  • Takes the reader on a tour of heaven using Scripture and dramatic imagination to fill in details about the afterlife

Hell: A Guide

From bestselling author Anthony DeStefano comes an exploration of what we know--and what we cannot know--about the most misunderstood and most controversial subject in Christianity.

C. S. Lewis imagined it as a grey, joyless city. The Italian poet, Dante Aligheri, wrote that it was a series of nine circles. And each one of us probably has our own vision of it. But what do we really know about hell? What does the Bible tell us about it, and what is speculation, myth, or even plain error?

A Travel Guide to Heaven

Forget angels playing harps.

In this fascinating, comforting book, DeStefano takes the reader on a tour of heaven, painting it as a dynamic place of unlimited joy, and using Scripture and dramatic imagination to fill in details about the afterlife. “God doesn’t throw away the good things he creates,” he writes, an idea which is the basis of many of his speculations about heaven. Heaven is a tangible place, believes DeStefano, and at least part of it will be a transformed new earth. People will have their own recognizable bodies, only perfected.

DeStefano tackles tough questions about heaven, including the role of angels, the measurement of time, marriages and whether pets will be there (“Of course!”). Fears of boredom are dispelled with his depictions of possible activities (“How about a tour of the Andromeda galaxy?”) and creative work (“Books will be written and read, public structures will be built and utilized”). However, he writes that nothing will compare with the thrill of meeting God, the source of true happiness. DeStefano persuasively argues that the idea of heaven is a positive force on earth, since “faith in God and heaven makes you more interested in what you do in this life—not less.” He is neither an academic nor a professional theologian, which gives the book its delightfully conversational tone and frees him to conjecture without restraint. Many readers will find DeStefano’s solid Christian framework reassuring and his exciting picture of heaven compelling.

“Here is an airy, whimsical tour of the great beyond with some very serious points of interest along the way. What a trip! I just hope I can find my boarding pass when my row is called!”
-- Raymond Arroyo, News Director, Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN)

Dimensions & Specifications

Hell: A Guide

  • Author: Anthony DeStefano
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 256

A Travel Guide to Heaven

  • Author: Anthony DeStefano
  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 208

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Hell: A Guide & A Travel Guide to Heaven (2 Book Set)