Holy Land Olive Wood Crucifix with Tomb of Jesus Relic - 5"

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  • Olive Wood Crucifix with a relic touched to Jesus' tomb
  • Smooth, warm olive wood and bronze plated Corpus
  • Star reliquary at the bottom contains cloth touched to the tomb of the Lord
  • An incredible gift of faith 
  • Makes a meaningful sacramental gift or gift of faith for any time

This is a most special and distinctive gift that contains within it the very essence of our Faith. An olive wood Crucifix made in the Holy Land, from the trees where the Lord lived, taught and died and a bronze plated Corpus hold a treasure of inestimable meaning and value: A piece of cloth touched to the tomb of Christ. It is set apart in a miniature sunburst reliquary plated in bronze. This gift will be treasured forever. A wonderful sacramental gift or anytime gift of faith and love. Made in the Holy Land.

  • 5" (H)
  • Olive Wood, Pewter, Bronze Plate, Cloth, Glass
  • Made in the Holy Land

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