Holy Mass First Communion Wall Crucifix - 8"

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  • Lovely Holy Mass Wall Crucifix
  • Eucharistic imagery, IHS, and St. Benedict Medal
  • Gold accents
  • Perfect gift for First Holy Communion
This lovely Holy Mass First Communion Wall Crucifix is a beautiful choice for your home and the perfect First Communion Gift. It features the Eucharistic elements on the arms of the Cross, the IHS Christogram, and the St. Benedict Jubilee Medal, against a background of white and gray with gold accents. Popes Benedict XVI and Francis have both granted an Apostolic Blessing to the Holy Mass Crucifix Apostolate, including the Holy Mass Crucifix. When one of these Crucifixes is blessed by a priest, the Apostolic Blessing is released and imparted to the Crucifix and to those who pray for or promote the apostolate in any way. This powerful Sacramental includes a certificate and a holy card, "On Your First Holy Communion."

  • 8" (H) x 5" (W) x .75" (D)
  • Resin
  • Certificate and Holy Card Included

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