Hope for Your Grandchildren: Talking to the Third Generation About What Matters

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  • Help for grandparents
  • Imparting timeless wisdom in our modern age
  • Topics of faith to guide discussions & relationships
  • Encouraging & faithful messages to share with your grandchildren

A grandparent’s role in the lives of their grandchildren can often be confusing: How and when do you take a role of instructing and guiding your grandchildren while respecting the role their parents are playing? What kind of wisdom do you impart that will be effective in their formation as responsible, faith-filled adults? What message is so close to your heart that you want them to understand and take seriously with their own hearts and minds?

Stephen Gabriel offers topics of faith to help guide grandparents through their own personal relationships and discussions with their grandchildren. Each topic includes Gabriel’s own personal messages he wishes to share with his grandchildren. He encourages you to make this book a springboard for meaningful conversations of faith and life with your grandchildren, thus building a strong relationship based on wisdom, encouragement, mutual trust and respect, and a deep desire for their happiness, both earthly and eternal.

  • Author: Stephen Gabriel
  • Pages: 120
  • Format: Paperback

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Hope for Your Grandchildren: Talking to the Third Generation About What Matters