How To Heal Your Marriage - And Nurture Lasting Love

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Greg Popcak
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  • How To Heal Your Marriage: And Nurture Lasting Love
  • What to do when you feel your spouse is out to get you
  • Learn that your marriage doesn't just need saving, but transformation
  • Tips for keeping conversations focused on solutions instead of emotions

God has put you and your spouse together for a reason — and it’s not to argue. You are bonded together to cultivate in each other those virtues that lead to sanctification. That’s why this book isn’t just about saving your marriage — it’s about transforming it into a joyful, loving relationship.

In these pages, psychotherapist Gregory Popcak shows you how to heal the hurt in your marriage and develop the crucial habits necessary to resolve conflicts, renew the love you once had, and discover the passion you always wanted.

Dr. Popcak’s clinical experience and recent research show that the difference between happy and unhappy marriages lies in the habits — both good and bad —   practiced in the home. Here you’ll discover the simple steps needed to root out behavior that leaves you resentful and demoralized and to begin practicing positive habits that facilitate mutual respect and cultivate admiration.

Even if you feel lonely and abandoned in your marriage, Dr. Popcak offers sensible ways for you to work alone at resolving conflict, repairing damage, building rapport, and maintaining intimacy. Because of the graces given to husbands and wives, you have tremendous untapped power to be a catalyst for change even if your spouse isn’t participating.

By following the wise advice in this book, you’ll take the guesswork out of building a stable, healthy marriage. You’ll also learn:

  • Eight marriage-friendly habits that couples in healthy relationships exhibit
  • How your mind handles feelings and emotions and what you can do about it
  • How to make God part of healing your marriage
  • How to see your spouse’s faults as opportunities to grow in holiness

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