How to Live a Good Life: Following New Testament Ethics

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Václav Rajlich
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  • How to Live a Good Life: Following New Testament Ethics

The Adventure awaits! Accompany Rose through the portal of romance to the Love that never fails!

How do I live a truly good life? That, in many respects, is the question we all must ask ourselves and answer. As always, even in our post-Christian society, Christ is the answer, and we discover him in the New Testament.


Drawing heavily from Pope Saint John Paul II’s encyclical Veritatis Splendor and other trusted sources, author Václav Rajlich identifies four pillars of ethical reasoning: prohibited acts, prescriptions, priorities, and providence/grace (the 4Ps) to show how readers can practically use these teachings to live a good life.


Accessible, practical, and firmly rooted in the teaching and life of Christ, How to Live a Good Life Following New Testament Ethics is an essential guidebook both for contemporary Christians as well as sincere seekers looking to answer that most fundamental of question.

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