How to Make a Good Confession Pamphlet (10 Pack)

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  • Pamphlets for Churches, class hand-outs, bulletin inserts, other parish materials
  • Features an examination of conscience with prayers
  • Beautifully illustrated; handy and easy-to-use
  • Utilizes the gift of the Ten Commandments

Many Catholics avoid the Sacrament of Reconciliation simply because they don't remember how to confess their sins. They simply don't know what to say and are too embarrassed to ask. How to Make a Good Confession gives Catholics a refresher an leads them through the steps to Reconciliation.

Display at an information desk, in the back of the church, or near the reconciliation room where parishioners can take one for reference. Use as a bulletin insert, or mail with other parish materials - a wonderful way to encourage the sacrament.

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  • Paper
  • 10 Pack
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How to Make a Good Confession Pamphlet (10 Pack)


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