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How to Make a Good Confession

How to Make a Good Confession

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Product Description

  • How to Make a Good Confession
  • Ideal for Catholics looking for answers on confession and sin
  • Learn how to carry the grace of confession into your daily life
  • Practical and truly applicable to daily life


This down-to-earth practical guide shows you how to transform your confessions into profound experiences of God's love, and how to carry the grace of confession into your daily life. 

Features chapters entitled:

  • Cultivate True Contrition
  • Found Your Repentance on Christ's Tender Mercy
  • Let Sorrow For Sin Help You Overcome Your Sins
  • Combat Your Pride Through Sacramental Confession
  • Make Reparation For Your sins
  • Resolve to Change

Contents include:

  • Steps for making a good confession
  • Three Acts of Contrition
  • Examination of Conscience
  • ...and more!

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Leatherette-style cover
  • ISBN: 9781928832294
  • Author: John A. Kane
  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 144
  • Language: English

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Reviews - How to Make a Good Confession

Average Customer Rating
(4.77/5 Stars, 13 Ratings) Based on 13 Reviews

How To Make A Good Confession

Review: I am enjoying reading this book. It is different from what I expected, going more deeply into the meaning of repentance and conscience.

How to make a good Confession

Review: the purchase is intended for Christmas Gift for my Daughter. I reviewed it and is perfect for our needs

A blessing

Review: Comprehensive and kind. A guide book to keep forever.

How to make a good confession

Review: The book is helpful in examining your conscience. It also gives a clearer understanding of why one should go to confession often.


Review: Excellent!! Very helpful!

How to make a good confession

Review: I returned this book because I had forgotten I previously ordered this book. I will say this book I HIGHLY recommend for a new convert to the Catholic Faith. Also our Catholic students like my children that don't understand or believe any more. Please pray my 5 children wake up and come back to their faith they have abandoned.

Great guide for confession

Review: This book gives the reader, many things to ponder, while traveling thru the commandments. Some suggestions are very helpful to me personally. This is a good guide for anyone wanting to clean out all the cobwebs of the soul. Thank you

How to Make a Good Confession

Review: Excellent read, informative and to the point. If you don't know or understand why you need to go to confession, get this book. Parts of it brought me to tears.

How to make a good Confession

Review: I very HIGHLY suggest this for a new convert, it will help any new convert to better understand why and how Jesus gave the power to forgive sin and the IMPORTANCE of Confession.


Review: With the exception of Chapter 3, and the final section on preps for confession, book is long on theological words that requires in depth analysis. Chapter 3 is the heart of the book with a detailed description on emotions and feeling before and after confession, and is clearly understandable. The final section is an excellent compendium for participating in the sacrament of confession. Specifically for chapter 3 I am pleased to have this book.

Practical, Some Old-Fashioned language

Review: Recommend it especially for the practical guide to examining conscience in the back of the book. One star reduced for the main text; reason being that the language used is somewhat old-fashioned. Worthwhile if one takes the time & patience to read through long, clause-filled sentences and rather negative tone in the first few chapters.

How to make a good confession

Review: I like this book. Its a good review of confession.


Review: daily read during LENT. Best Uses: Gift, Older Readers, Reference, Special Needs, Travel Reading, Younger Readers; Describe Yourself: Bookworm; Pros: Deserves Multiple Readings, Easy To Read, Great resource, Informative, Well Written
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