Ignatius Catholic Study Bible -The First, Second, and Third Letters of St. John and the Revelation to John 2nd Edition

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Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch
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Large format, featuring large text size and additional margin space for personal annotations! The larger format enhances both individual and group study. 

This volume in the popular series of the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible covers the three letters of St. John and the Book of Revelation (or Apocalypse). The three Johannine letters are explored first, with ample notes and reflections representing the best of contemporary and traditional scholarship and commentary. The largest portion of this volume is devoted to the Revelation to John, also called the Book of Revelation and the Apocalypse (from the Greek, meaning "unveiling").

Written in highly symbolic style, the Revelation to John is perhaps the most difficult book of the Bible to understand. Scholars have long debated whether the book is concerned mainly with a symbolic depiction of the struggle of good against evil or whether it applies to specific events in history-its own time, the general course of Church history, or the end of the world. The annotations and commentary on this volume draw on the best elements from each approach, while emphasizing the biblical author's immediate intention: to recount the heavenly vision he received as it applied to his own time. Modern scholarship, as well as insights from the Church Fathers and other classic commentators, help the reader make sense of what many people regard as a confusing book.

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  • 5 Jun 30th 2020
    My open mind.....

    The Ignatius study Bible lets me see the readings in my mind more clearly that I cannot put it down....

    Adella Couri-Elias

  • 5 Jun 18th 2015
    The First, Second, and Third Letters of St John Study Guide

    I am currently leading a Bible study with residents of a local House for the elderly. I have found this guide to be extremely helpful. I would recommend it for anyone seeking to increase their knowledge of the Bible. Thank you.

    Charles J Wegner

  • 5 Apr 2nd 2010
    Ignatius Catholic Study Bible

    The Ignatius Catholic <a class="autolink" href="">Study Bible</a> series is an excellent addition to any Catholics library. They are also very affordable.


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