Jesus Comfort After Miscarriage Print

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  • Comfort after the sadness of miscarriage
  • Jesus holds a baby tenderly in His arms
  • Thick cardstock, grey and gold tones
  • Hand-sketched and unframed
  • Special gift of encouragement and love after miscarriage
This is a beautiful and thoughtful gift of hope, encouragement and love after the heartbreaking loss of miscarriage. In the hand-sketched, unframed print, Jesus holds a tiny infant tenderly in his arms, as the babe rests upon his shoulder and snuggles closely to Our Lord. We see his own wounds in the picture, as a reminder that He has suffered as we do, and He understands and comforts us in our own losses. Give this special gift to a loved one or friend after their loss, or keep it as a hopeful reminder that He is with you. 

  • 5" (H) x 7" (L) 
  • Thick Cardstock
  • Unframed Print
  • Just Love Prints

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