Joseph Patron of the Church in Ornate Dark Frame

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  • Joseph, Patron of the Church 
  • Beautifully symbolizes St. Joseph as patron of the Universal Church
  • Ornate dark wood and gold frame
  • Traditional and inspiring image
  • Made in the USA

Joseph, Patron of the Church is a richly colored reproduction of the famous painting by Giuseppe Rollini that resides in a side altar in the Sacred Heart Church in Rome, Italy. Rollini was a pupil of St. John Bosco, and Bosco wanted this altar to reflect devotion to St. Joseph with the reference in the painting, "Ite ad Ioseph," or "Go to Joseph." This unique portrayal of St. Joseph as the Patron of the Universal & Domestic Church shows the earthly father of Christ surrounded by angels who are watching with great awe and reverence and exhorting all to "Go to Joseph." 

Holding the Child Jesus, with Mary by his side, Joseph holds a lily symbolizing purity and extends his hand in a blessing over a miniature of the Church. As Jesus was entrusted to Joseph, through Mary, for protection, leadership, and provision, so, too, is the Church entrusted to St. Joseph's intercession and aid.

Ornately framed in dark wood with a gold inlay interior and Florentine accents on the exterior, it is a fitting and glorious tribute to St. Joseph. Various sizes available. 

  • Various Sizes Available
  • Fine Art Print, Wood, Glass, Metal
  • Made in the USA

Joseph Patron of the Church in Ornate Dark Frame