King Of The Shattered Glass

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  • King Of The Shattered Glass

Susan Joy Bellavance's captivating story about an orphan, Marguerite, who worked in the King's kitchen . . . now in hardcover.

 When Marguerite repeatedly breaks the King's precious glass, those around her tell her to bury the glass and hide the evidence. But Marguerite knows what she must do—she brings the broken shards to the King, explains what happened, and says she is sorry.  

 This beautifully illustrated story is a tale of courage, honesty, and bravery. More than that, what Marguerite receives from the King is what we all experience when we go to the Lord in Confession . . . His loving mercy!  

  • Author: Susan Joy Bellavance
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 40

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