Leonie Martin - A Difficult Life

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Marie Baudouin-Croix
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  • Léonie Martin: A Difficult Life
  • The story of St. Therese of Lisieux's sister
  • The beautiful truth about the "difficult sister"
  • Inspiring and eye-opening

A sister of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, Léonie Martin (1863-1941) was one of the five daughters of Zélie and Louis Martin, who were canonized by Pope Francis. She was the least gifted of the five Martin sisters, an emotionally disturbed child who suffered much and caused much anguish in her family.

Marie Baudouin-Croix has carefully researched Léonie's life, including her mother's voluminous correspondence about her family life. In letters to her daughters, sister, brother, and sister-in-law, Zélie confided the challenges she faced in raising Léonie. Yet Léonie was the first one in the Martin family to understand and to follow Thérèse's Little Way.

After three valiant but unsuccessful attempts to enter consecrated religious life, Léonie was finally accepted by the Visitation Order in Caen. As a Visitation nun she succeeded in conquering a difficult temperament and other personal challenges, so that by the time of her death at seventy-eight years old she was regarded by many as a saint. Her convent at Caen has been inundated with letters testifying to her posthumous intercessory aid.

How did this troubled child turn into the nun remembered by many as so kind, serene, and happy that they could not believe she had such a difficult childhood? She discovered God within herself, in her weakness and suffering, and she became a great disciple of Thérèse's "way of confidence and love". Léonie practiced the Little Way so deeply that in 2015 the cause for her sainthood was officially opened by the Church.

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  • 4 Jul 8th 2020
    Leonie Martin

    Enjoyed this immensely. Leonie's persistence to become the best she could be and the loving support of her sisters was inspiring. It shows how we all bloom in our own time. God knows what is in our hearts.

    Diane B

  • 5 Jun 30th 2020
    Book Leonie Martin

    I enjoy reading this book. I learn so much from this Saint. I pass the book on to a friend who was also interested in reading about her life. Great Saint!!

    Lillyana Sanchez

  • 5 Mar 2nd 2019
    An excellent read!

    Quite insightful about Leonie Martin, I didn't know that much about her.


  • 5 Apr 12th 2018
    An Insightful Biography

    This book is very interesting and provides previously unknown information about the Martin family, especially Leonie. It's an easy read and I found that once I started reading it, it was very hard to put down. I am very pleased with this purchase.


  • 5 Mar 29th 2018
    Leonie Martin a difficult life

    Tells about life in the Martin family and many of Leonie's difficulties she had to battle in becoming a religious sister, also tells a bit about her sisters in their letters to one another and the suffering of their father in the last years of his life.

    William Keyes

  • 5 Mar 22nd 2018
    Friend of St Therese

    I purchased this book along with the book about the Martin family. I have not fully read it so I can not give it a full review. My interest in Leonie is through my devotion to St. Therese.

    Mary Amodeo

  • 5 Mar 17th 2018
    Leonie Martin: A Difficult Life

    The book is made up of family letters. That is how the author gathered the information. I loved it and would recommend it to anyone interested in St. Therese and her family.

    Joanne Matovich

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