Letters to a Young Catholic (Revised and Expanded)

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  • Remarkable book of letters to Catholics 
  • From a tour of Catholic landmarks around the world
  • By George Weigel, Papal Biographer and renowned writer
  • Inspiring, historical, personal and intimate
  • Insights from history, literature, theology, music, art & more
  • Makes a beautiful graduation or Confirmation gift
For the faithful, the doubtful, and the searchers of every age, these letters convey the power of the Catholic faith that is at once personal and universal, timely and eternal.

In this remarkable exploration of the Catholic world, prominent Catholic author and papal biographer George Weigel offers a luminous collection of letters to young Catholics, not-so-young Catholics, and curious souls who wonder what it means to be Catholic today.
Weigel takes readers on an epistolary tour of Catholic landmarks — from Chartres Cathedral to St. Mary’s Church in Greenville, South Carolina; from the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem to G.K. Chesterton’s favorite pub in Oxford; and from the grave of a modern martyr in Warsaw to the Sistine Chapel.

Weaving together insights from history, literature, theology, and music, Weigel illuminates the beliefs that give Catholicism its distinctive texture and explores the theological importance of grace, prayer, vocation, sin and forgiveness, suffering, and — most importantly — love. To a world that sometimes seems closed and claustrophobic, he suggests, Christian humanism offers a world with windows and doors — and a skylight.
  • Author: George Weigel
  • 368 pages
  • Softcover

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