Life-Giving Love

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Kimberly Hahn
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Wouldn't it be nice if marriage came with a rulebook and children came with training manuals? Where can we turn for a true vision of what it takes to build happy, healthy, holy families? As a young couple prepares to get married, often all they can think about is being "in love" and "happily ever after", but as Catholic author Kimberly Hahn points out, a funny thing happens in-between - Life.

In her book Life-giving Love, she unpacks the very essence of God's plan for your life and shares how you can live it in joy and happiness.

Blueprint for Marriage

Life-Giving Love will allow you to discover God's beautiful design for your marriage as you listen at home or in the car. So even among the laundry, the dishes or the morning commute, you may immerse yourself fully in the true meaning of marital love.

Thoroughly researched and brilliantly compiled, Kimberly leaves no stone unturned as she covers the topic of life-giving love. Years of live conference talks, conversations and articles have gone into this presentation from a woman who not only "talks the talk," but is also "walking the walk." You'll learn the meaning of many significant Bible verses as she unpacks the Scripture that God gave us to lay a foundation for our lives and our families. Discover the splendor of the Mass and the Eucharist in an eye-opening and beautiful comparison of the similarities between Holy Communion and Intimate Union in our marriages.

Open to Life

By means of the Holy Father's writings and excerpts from Humanae Vitae, Kimberly explains the big lie of contraception and it's deadly link to abortion. She goes on to give a thorough interpretation of natural family planning (NFP), including both what it is and what it is not. You'll learn how NFP is not "Catholic Birth Control," and in what context it is to be used. And you'll explore the common misconceptions and excuses for not being open to another child, as you prayerfully consider God's plan for your own family.

With great sensitivity, Kimberly also covers the topic of infertility, explaining that it is our job to be open to life and God's job to open our womb in His time. You'll learn about the resources available to help you conceive as you continue to follow the Church's teaching. Finally, you'll discover what to say to a struggling friend, and how some comments can bring more harm than comfort.

Real-life Stories

Throughout this presentation, you'll find testimonials from many people Kimberly encountered in her research. Coming from various backgrounds and walks of life, you'll find someone you can relate to in one example after another. These stories sum up Kimberly's eloquent message and bring to life God's design for Holy Matrimony.

If you have been married for five years or fifty, are engaged to be married, or still considering matrimony, this work is a must for you. Whether you choose to read this hard-to-put-down book or be captivated by the tape series, you'll be enriched by Kimberly's expertise, insight and true love for God and His church. Order this exciting presentation today and prepare to more deeply embrace God's beautiful design for your marriage.

Topics Covered:

  • The Beauty of God's Design regarding procreation and union
  • The value of the child in our society and in Scripture
  • The Bible and contraception
  • What Natural Law reveals about contraception
  • The abortion-contraception connection
  • Infertility and sterilization
  • How to heal after a miscarriage or stillbirth
  • Natural Family Planning and being stewards of our fertility
  • Our bodies as living sacrifices
  • Practical advice on how to Minister to Moms
  • And more!

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