L'Innocence Wooden Wall Plaque

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  • L'Innocence, famous painting by William Bouguereau
  • Our Lady holds the Christ Child and an unblemished lamb
  • Reminder of the purity of Christ 
  • Tender moment between Mary and Jesus
  • Beautiful way to decorate your sacred space

This wood pallet sign features L'Innocence, the iconic painting by William Bouguereau. Our Lady holds both the Child Jesus and an unblemished lamb, as a symbol of His purity and the loving sacrifice He will make for all mankind. The famous image is given a fresh design and perspective, on a wood pallet for a rustic, yet holy look. Ideal for housewarming, apartments, dorm rooms and any special sacred space.

  • 15" (H) x 12" (W) x .75" (D)
  • Wood

L'Innocence Wooden Wall Plaque