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Celebrating Mothers in Faith and Style with Gifts from The Catholic Company Latest

Celebrating Mothers in Faith and Style with Gifts from The Catholic Company

Apr 14, 2023 by

As Catholics, we revere and love Mary as our spiritual mother. She's our Queen and our model, so we seek her guidance and intercession, and the graces that come to us through her motherly heart. But we also stand in awe of earthly mothers who live each day to bring souls to Christ through the vocations of physical and spiritual motherhood. 

As we prepare to celebrate Mother's Day, here are some special gifts to acknowledge the selfless devotion and incredible love of a mother you cherish.

For Busy Days

Of course every mom is busy, but for those constantly on the go, The Catholic Company has a variety of great gifts  to help mom sustain her superhuman paceor slow down to peacefully recollect herself. 

Whether it's helping her stay organized and inspired or sending her off with her morning beverage of choice, we've got the perfect inspirational and faithful gifts:


For the mom who wants to stay at the top of her game, whether she's walking the dog or dashing out the door:


Give her a thoughtful reminder of the beauty of her vocation when she's on the go, to keep her going when things get tiring: 


We've got accessories that will bring joy to even the busiest of days, so while she's getting things done, she's reminded of His love and protection: 


For Times of Quiet 

When she is ready to settle down to restore and rest in Him, we have the perfect gifts to bring her peace, renewal and relaxation.

Few things bring a sense of calm as effortlessly as a luxurious bath or a sumptuous scented candle:


For moments of serenity in prayer, and the joy and renewal that accompany them: 


For inspiration in her vocation or in her faith: 

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For some downtime in a good book, and some sweet inspiration while relaxing:


Faithful Décor 

Living our faith means recognizing its beauty and surrounding ourselves with inspirational reminders. Mothers are the heart of the home, and we have many wonderful gifts for the mom who has made a home of faith, comfort, and love for her family. 


Inspirational pieces that bring faith into her sacred space and call her into His loving presence:


Pretty accessories she can delight in while proclaiming the faith that is her essence: 


Outdoor Accents 

For mothers who enjoy time outdoors, we have a selection of lovely accents that will bring inspiration to her favorite outdoor spaces. 

Whether she likes to relax on the patio or deck or spend time in her garden, these pieces bring truth and beauty to her fresh-air retreat. 


With visual and auditory reminders, these evoke the incredible gifts of God's creation:


A Little Sparkle

She's beautiful, and so is her faith. Give her a way to wear it and share it, in recognition of the way she has inspired you. Freshen her look with faithful pieces that reflect her confidence in God.

We have lovely artisan jewelry and items handcrafted right here at The Catholic Company:


For casual everyday wear that inspires and also adds flourish to her look:


For more formal occasions when she's styled for something special:


Everything in One Box

If you can't quite decide what to give the mother you cherish, this fabulous Gift Set for Mothers includes several gifts from assorted categories. It will show her your love and gratitude in a faithful, creative, and thoughtful way: 


Every mother is unique and unrepeatable, so we've assembled a wide variety of fabulous finds for the women you cherish. These are just a few lovely gifts from our selection, curated especially for Mother's Day.

To see the complete collection, click here.

This Mother's Day, and every day, may we honor the women who have inspired us with their devotion, nurtured us with their faith and love, and entrusted us to the Lord and His Blessed Mother in prayer. May God grant them the joy, grace and peace only He can give.