The Manly Art of Raising a Daughter

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Alan Migliorato
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  • The Manly Art of Raising a Daughter

 This is the challenge Alan Migliorato makes in this honest and insightful book for fathers who want to raise confident, strong, God-centered daughters.

 Many men feel detached from their daughters, unable to connect with them or even influence their decisions and actions. Here Migliorato shares his own successes and failures as he transitioned from an overworked, out-of-touch father to one that has become a beloved leader in his home.

 He shows how you, too, can come to more fully fulfill your role as head of the household, and how to lead your family with love, understanding, and a guiding hand.

 Read these pages, and you’ll also learn: how to repair a damaged relationship with your daughter – and even your wife, why it’s important to know your daughter’s friends – and how to do it, why respecting your wife is critical to raising strong daughters, three things you must know about dealing with your daughter’s boyfriend, how to teach your daughter to defend herself physically, emotionally, and spiritually, four ways to transform mealtime into something your family enjoys, the five signs that your daughter is addicted to social media, and the seven things you must do to be a manly man.

There is a constant spiritual battle underway for the soul of your daughter. You must lead her just as the Good Shepherd leads us all, empowering her to protect herself from the Enemy. Follow the wise advice in these pages, and you’ll soon guide your daughters through the highs and lows of life while forming happier family relationships. Best of all, you’ll become a manlier man!


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