The Manly Art of Raising a Daughter

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Alan Migliorato
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  • The Manly Art of Raising a Daughter

 This is the challenge Alan Migliorato makes in this honest and insightful book for fathers who want to raise confident, strong, God-centered daughters.

 Many men feel detached from their daughters, unable to connect with them or even influence their decisions and actions. Here Migliorato shares his own successes and failures as he transitioned from an overworked, out-of-touch father to one that has become a beloved leader in his home.

 He shows how you, too, can come to more fully fulfill your role as head of the household, and how to lead your family with love, understanding, and a guiding hand.

 Read these pages, and you’ll also learn: how to repair a damaged relationship with your daughter – and even your wife, why it’s important to know your daughter’s friends – and how to do it, why respecting your wife is critical to raising strong daughters, three things you must know about dealing with your daughter’s boyfriend, how to teach your daughter to defend herself physically, emotionally, and spiritually, four ways to transform mealtime into something your family enjoys, the five signs that your daughter is addicted to social media, and the seven things you must do to be a manly man.

There is a constant spiritual battle underway for the soul of your daughter. You must lead her just as the Good Shepherd leads us all, empowering her to protect herself from the Enemy. Follow the wise advice in these pages, and you’ll soon guide your daughters through the highs and lows of life while forming happier family relationships. Best of all, you’ll become a manlier man!

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  • 5 Aug 7th 2019
    Life Changing Book

    I received this book about a month ago and I cannot put it down! The author uses great insight, wisdom, and humorous wit to help fathers understand the importance of spreading God's love to their daughters. Honestly, he calls men out for their behaviors and it personally helped me make a few much needed changes in my life. My marriage is improving because of the advice in this book as well. This is a necessary book for all fathers who want better relationships with their wives and daughters.

    Jason Delmonico

  • 5 Jun 20th 2019
    The Manly Art of Raising A Daughter

    I bought this book as a Father's Day gift for my brother who has two twin daughters. They will be teenagers in four month's time. My brother read through the book and loved it. The book has changed his perspective on what his responsibilities are, under God, for raising his daughters. He has immediately begun altering his position so that he can provide a more Christian approach to being a father. The book is so worth it.

    Salvatore Polito

  • 5 Mar 5th 2019
    Great gift!

    I gave this book to my husband for Christmas and did not really think he would read it all the way through, but I was wrong. Not only has he read it all the way through, but I notice our relationship getting better as well as the way he is present to our family since reading The Manly Art of Raising a Daughter. I can honestly say I am proud to have him leading our family closer to God and I know this book has helped get us back on track as a couple and a family. It's a great gift idea!


  • 5 Feb 20th 2019
    Best Book Ever

    I love this book! Such straight forward and great advice. The Manly Art of Raising a Daughter is one of those books that offers great wit, wisdom, and humor to get the point across and keep you invested in reading the book all the way through. I especially like the challenge sections at the end of each chapter. The author, Migliorato, says that real men take action. These challenge sections are perfect for taking action and have helped my relationship with my daughter as well as my wife.


  • 5 Feb 1st 2019
    The best gift I received all year!

    Recently, my wife purchased The Manly Art of Raising a Daughter for me. We have two daughters and one son and my wife thought i would enjoy reading this book. I opened the packaging when I got the book in the mail and immediately noticed that the cover art is really cool. It looks like an old leather book. Just a side note - but i really like a good cover on a book. Then I started reading and - WOW. This guy hits it on the head with raising a daughter. I loved every word!


  • 5 Jan 28th 2019
    Fantastic and Insightful Book - a pleasure to read.

    The Manly Art of Raising a Daughter has become my field guide for raising my daughters. I have gone back and re-read chapters to find advice and insight on situations that come up while raising a family, and this book always delivers! With everything from having a better relationship with your wife, to helping curb social media addictions for your daughter, The Manly Art of Raising a Daughter does not leave anything out. This book shows men how to lead their families to God. Great book.


  • 5 Jan 25th 2019
    Excellent book for ALL MEN to read - father or not!

    Great book for all men to read whether they are currently a father or not. The advice is excellent and doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to relationships with your daughter. The one aspect I really liked about The Manly Art of Raising a Daughter was how the author speaks to the importance of a healthy relationship with your wife. This book helped in many ways for my life!


  • 5 Jan 16th 2019
    Must Read!

    What a great book! Not only does this book deal with issues that occur while raising a daughter, but it showed me how to treat my wife better and improve my marriage. You must read this book!


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