Manual for Marian Devotion

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The Dominican Sisters of Mary
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  • Deepen your relationship with Mary
  • Designed small to be carried with you
In the school of Mary, says St. John Paul II, we are "led to contemplate the beauty on the face of Christ and to experience the depths of his love." Mary--refuge of sinners, help of the sick, cause of our joy--is the model for all believers.
The Manual for Marian Devotion will deepen your relationship with Mary and, in doing so, draw you closer to her Son.
Part One, “Preparing for Marian Devotion,” answers the following questions:
• What is Mary's place in God's plan? Why is she so important?
• What has the Church taught about Mary?
• How has Marian devotion changed history?
• How should I cultivate devotion to Mary?
Part Two, “Aids for Marian Devotion,” provides these essential resources:
• Inspiration for Marian devotion from the Scriptures and the saints
• Excerpts from Church documents addressing Mary's role
• Accounts of Marian miracles and messages through the ages
• Marian prayers and hymns from the Church's rich liturgical and devotional patrimony
• Marian poetry
The Manual for Marian Devotion is designed to be small enough to travel with you everywhere: use it to nourish your love of Mary with the Scriptures and stories of the saints, and turn to its prayers throughout the day.
The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, is a Dominican Community of Women Religious based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and founded in 1997 to spread the witness of Religious Life in accord with Pope St. John Paul II's vision for the New Evangelization. Through the Sisters’ profession of the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, along with a contemplative emphasis on Eucharistic adoration and Marian devotion, the Community exists for the salvation of souls and the building up of the Church throughout the world. As Dominicans, the Sisters' primary apostolate, the education and formation of young people from pre-kindergarten through college, also reaches out to the modern culture with a variety of new forms of evangelization including the employment of a wide variety of media activities. The Community’s average age is 30 years old, and it has grown from its original four Foundresses to over 130 Sisters in its 20 year existence.
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  • 5 Jan 12th 2021
    Manual for Marian Devotion

    I just started reading it. It's already a good book. It's not too hard to read and it gives the answer of what Mary's role in the redemption of souls is. I've wanted to know the answer to people's questions or to give an answer to unbelieving people's unbelief.


  • 5 Mar 22nd 2019

    I saw that this prayer book wasn't in my collection and just knew I needed it as well. I have a great love for prayers books each one is different and means a lot to me. every morning I pick this one up and choose a prayer. for me this is a great prayer book , if you don't have it stop by and pick it up

    Patricia A Murdock

  • 5 Mar 1st 2019
    Manual for Marian Devotion

    This little manual was such a pleasant surprise. I debated ordering it but am so happy that I did. I feel a deep sense of connection with Mary and this has allowed me to fall in love with her even more. Although it may seem a bit pricey, it's well worth the investment!

    Sarah McKernan

  • 5 Sep 20th 2018
    Manual for Mary Devotion

    All the manuals are excellent I also use Manual for Spiritual Warfare. Excellent for prayer and for understanding spiritual struggle.. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

    Al Schuster

  • 5 Jul 5th 2018
    Marion Devotion

    Great devotional manual. Read a few pages every night before I thank my Guardian Angel. After reading it in its entirety I will continue to read every night

    Mark Hitt

  • 4 Feb 17th 2018
    Manual for Marian Devotion

    It looks wonderful! Unable to consult & use due to a decline in my health since Jan. 6, 2018. Looking forward to reading it when I am able. Thanks for the great service!

    Mary Sitarski

  • 5 Feb 14th 2018
    Marian Devotion

    Awesome book

    Ralph Meuwissen

  • 5 Feb 13th 2018

    If you love our Blessed Mother or want to experience a deeper appreciation of her love for us,this is the book to read.

    Nicola Matovich

  • 5 Feb 6th 2017

    It has opened a new door to my devotion to our Blessed Mother. It is a great guide to deepen our devtion, love and understanding to one of the most beautiful gifts Jesus gave to us.


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