Marian Shrines of Italy

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Academy of the Immaculate
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  • Comprehensive guide to Marian shrines of Italy
  • History of her place in Italy and of each shrine
  • Cultural impact, art, and architecture associated with each one
  • Fabulous tourist guide for Italy
  • Great spiritual reading on Italian devotion to Mary

Catholic Italy is Marian Italy with over a thousand Marian Shrines of which the Editor has chosen just 35 of the most beautiful, ornate and devotional ones, from one end of Italy to the other. The story of each shrine speaks of a compassionate Mother Mary appearing to the poor and simple. In a country ravaged by plagues, storms, droughts and other natural calamities over the centuries, Mary comes to relieve her children and give them many miraculous images (paintings and statues) to assure them of her presence. Many illustrations.

You will learn from this book...
  • History of Italy and Mary's place in it
  • Interesting details of Marian shrines in Italy you have never known before
  • The Marian devotion tied up with these shrines
  • Intrinsic relationship between devotion and art, specifically architecture
The book is useful for...
  • Tourist's guide to Italy
  • Spiritual reading on the symbolism and devotion to Our Lady in Italy
  • Resource book for any research on the history of Marian architecture in Italy.

  • Author: Francis Mary Kalvelage 
  • 178 pages
  • Paperback 

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