Mary's Way of The Cross - Walking with the Mother of Jesus

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Translated and adapted by M. Jean Frisk, S. T. L.
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  • Mary's Way of The Cross - Walking with the Mother of Jesus
  • Heartfelt and moving meditations on how Mary must have felt following her son at Calvary
  • A wonderful way to pray the Station of the Cross with Mary
  • A personal and inviting tone that invites reflection on Mary, Christ's suffering at Calvary, and one's own life

Walking the Way of the Cross with Mary? What does that mean?

Mary embodies the vocation Christ has entrusted to each of us as his disciples. She models unwavering faith and trusting surrender. She loves with her whole being, and her love makes her ready to accept anything and everything? Even to share the cross of her son. As we walk beside Mary to Calvary, as we converse intimately with her along the Via Dolorosa, we learn to open our hearts more completely to Christ. Mary, his mother and ours, teaches us how to take up our own cross and follow Jesus in a spirit of limitless love and undying hope.

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  • 5 x 7¼ inches

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  • 5 Jul 8th 2020
    A very special walk with Mary on the Way of the Cross. Short meaningful prayers with black and white artwork.

    It’s special Way of the Cross walking with our Blessed Mother. Easy reading for year round.

    Mary Louise Wallin

  • 5 Jul 8th 2020
    Mary's Way of the Cross

    I found this book to be very good.

    Jody Patershall

  • 5 Jun 30th 2020
    I used this multiple times during lent.

    As a mother, I could relate to our Blessed Mother's suffering as she was with her beloved son on the way to the cross. The love of both Mary and Jesus is palpable with every step.

    Dianne Goodrich

  • 5 Jun 29th 2020
    Mary’s Way of the Cross

    Walking the road to Calvary through our Blessed Mother’s eyes, gave me a new perspective on the events of Good Friday. These reflections helped deepen my devotion to Mary.

    Angie Oxendine

  • 5 Apr 2nd 2019
    Mary's Way of the Cross - a new way of praying the stations

    Excellent meditation. I ordered copies for my friends after reading it. They have all really appreciated and liked this book. Definitely a different perspective and way of considering the stations.


  • 5 Mar 24th 2014
    perfect companion for stations

    This is such a meaningful way to meditate on the stations. Jesus and Mary have given us so much.


  • 5 Mar 19th 2012
    All mothers need this book

    Use this as an addition to the Way of the Cross that you already use. This book gives you the reflection from a mothers point of view on the loss of a child. I would recommend this book to anyone who has children living or deceased. Pros: Easy To Read, Good reflection


  • 5 Mar 15th 2012
    A lot in a little book

    I gave this to several women in my scripture study class for Lent. We are studying the WOMEN of the OLD TESTAMENT. I thought that it would be a source of new ideas.

    Scripture study leader

  • 5 Feb 29th 2012

    The first time I read it at the church going through the Stations of the Cross with a friend. We both wept heavily. It was like walking with Our Mother Mary and hearing what she wants for her children.


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