Meditations Before Mass

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Romano Guardini
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  • Meditations Before Mass
  • Learn to overcome distraction and restlessness during Mass
  • The three major hindrances to full participation in the liturgy
  • How to grow receptive to God's grace during Mass
  • ...and so much more!

Over fifty years ago, Msgr. Romano Guardini resolved to help his parishioners overcome the distractions and restlessness they suffered at Mass. Just before Mass each Sunday, he gave a brief talk on some aspect of the Mass, teaching them week by week, topic by topic, how to pre-pare themselves to participate more prayerfully. Afterward, he provided a few minutes of silence for reflection, and then began to offer Mass.

So helpful were these 32 talks that they were soon published and have since been reprinted countless times in numerous countries and languages, helping generations of Catholics to deepen their devotion during Mass. Practical, straightforward, and full of wisdom, these talks will help you to quiet your soul, concentrate your mind, and grow receptive to God's grace during Mass. 

In these pages, you'll discover:

  • The three principal hindrances to full participation in the Mass, to which all of us are prone
  • The real meaning of "keeping holy" the Sabbath
  • Its special importance for the family
  • One tendency we must overcome when listening to Scripture readings
  • How to gain control over your wandering attention 
  • The one indispensable element of a deep liturgical life 
  • What to do when the Mass becomes boring and "routine" 
  • How to achieve a genuine - not superficial - stillness 
  • The importance of listening and inner barriers that prevent it 
  • Why it's good to arrive early at Mass whenever possible 
  • The true significance of kneeling and standing in church 
  • And dozens of other practical ways to enrich your worship! 

Although he was an eminent theologian, Msgr. Guardini wrote for ordinary Catholics just like you. Practical, straightforward, yet full of wisdom, Meditations Before Mass will help you to quiet your soul, concentrate your mind, and grow more receptive to grace. 


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  • 5 Jan 19th 2017
    Meditations Before Mass

    This book is hard to put down. Very informative on teaching us how to get the most out of mass and have a more spiritual experience worshiping God.


  • 4 Apr 14th 2016
    Meditations before Mass

    Just have started using it and so far I feel it will help me to get in the right frame of mind.

    Betty Burns

  • 5 Nov 19th 2015
    Meditations Before Mass

    This is a beautifully written book of short meditations. I had never thought about some of the points that it brings up. I think it has helped me to give more and get more from Mass.

    Olivia McFadden

  • 5 Oct 9th 2015
    Meditations Before Mass

    I'm so grateful I saw this book listed on Facebook. A well-respected author, and I feel that every Catholic should secure this, and read. A blessing to everyone.

    Thomas Veregge

  • 5 May 27th 2015
    meditations before Mass

    This book is beautifully done. It serves to help one focus and prepare for the greatest of gifts.

    Annette Gagne

  • 5 Apr 2nd 2015
    Meditations before Mass

    It indeed does not let my mind wander before Mass. I like the meditations.

    sharon eberhart

  • 5 Mar 10th 2015
    Meditations Before MASS

    I love this publication as it helps me to prepare for Mass each week as well as creates a desire to arrive early.


  • 5 Mar 10th 2015
    Meditations Before Mass

    A must read for all Mass attendees.

    cathleen mars

  • 4 Mar 26th 2014
    Not what I expected but still 4 stars

    I thought the meditations would be shorter but they're not which would require getting to Mass at least a half hour before Mass is to begin or reading it at home. The book is very well made and I'm not sorry I purchased it. I'm hoping it will help me tune out all the noise around me while at Mass.

    Susan Scheiter

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