Meditations on the Holy Rosary and Olive Wood Corded Miraculous Medal Rosary Gift Set

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  • Enhance the way you pray the Rosary
  • Meditations on the Holy Rosary
  • Olive Wood Miraculous Medal Rosary
  • Beautiful companions to prayer
Change the way your pray the rosary for the better with this set. The durable olive wood rosary helps you call for Our Lady's intercession, and the insightful book Meditations on the Rosary provides insights and meditations on the mysteries of the Rosary, allowing you to enter more deeply into prayer and love for Our Lady.

Meditations on the Rosary

Does your mind often wander when you recite the Holy Rosary? Spiritual master Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo — called “a saint” by Padre Pio — will teach you to deepen your powers of recollection as you reflect upon the sacred mysteries. Here is the Rosary companion that will help you develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by entering into the events of His life through the prism of your own. 

These brief, compelling reflections — written as conversations between Jesus and the soul — will move you into fruitful contemplation. Breathtaking artwork accompanies the mysteries to assist you in meditating upon each scene. As God speaks to your heart, these powerful prayers will nourish your soul and help you grow in divine intimacy.

Don Dolindo’s meditations on the Joyful Mysteries are intensely Eucharistic and will remind you of God’s ever-present love for you in the Sacred Host. As you journey with Jesus in the Sorrowful Mysteries, He will console you in your sufferings and draw you into closer union with Himself. And Our Lady will intercede for you, strengthened by hope in the Glorious Mysteries, to attain the crown of Heaven. The Luminous Mysteries include stirring meditations from the Gospels to deepen your understanding of the miracles taking place.

This book also features excerpts from Don Dolindo’s mystical writings on the Annunciation and on the Visitation of Our Lady to Elizabeth. He often wrote short teachings for his directees, both laity and priests. In these pages, Don Dolindo speaks with the familiarity of a spiritual father for his children. As he guides your heart in this little way of humble devotion, you will learn to:

  • Be open to the Holy Spirit’s gifts and order your day to follow God’s will

  • Enkindle a passionate love for God and charity for souls 

  • Develop peace of mind, as you trust in the Lord more deeply

  • Experience God’s healing mercy in your soul and share it with others

  • Enter into the mysteries of the lives of Jesus and Mary with greater devotion

Engaging and comforting, these spiritual gems will fortify you along the road to holiness. This book is beneficial both for beginners and those more advanced in the spiritual life. Each bead of the Holy Rosary you pray going forward will be as a fragrant rose offered to Our Lady. In turn, she will wrap you in her mantle of protection and draw you closer to the Heart of her Son.

Olive Wood Corded Miraculous Medal Rosary

This rosary might be one of the most beautiful wood rosaries we have ever seen.

Crafted from genuine olive wood, it is constructed with durable cording in place of metal links. The smooth, lightweight beads are complemented by a center design which features an Ave Maria emblem and beautiful cobalt and silver-tone Miraculous Medal. The cross is adorned with a small corpus and resembles a budded cross with intricate carvings. 

If you purchase one as a gift, you just might be so charmed by its beauty that you decide to get one for yourself!

Dimensions and Specifications

Meditations on the Rosary

  • Author: Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo
  • 144 Pages
  • Softcover
Olive Wood Miraculous Medal Rosary
  • Approx. 15 ½” long
  • 6mm diameter beads
  • Crucifix approx. 2” (H) x 1.25” (W)
  • Miraculous medal insert is approx. 3/8” (H) x ½” (W)