Merry Christmas from Heaven Bookmark /Prayer Card (Pkg. of 25)

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  • Merry Christmas from Heaven
  • Pack of 25 cards
  • Celebrate the life of a loved one

John Mooney wrote "Merry Christmas From Heaven" in 1989, after the death of his mother in August. His only intention was to present it to his family that year at Christmas. He knew it was going to be a very difficult holiday season without her. The words, and the comfort he and his family needed, came to him after a prayer one night. As he wrote, he thought of the words his mother might say to each one of them.

© 1989 John W. Mooney, Jr.
Reprinted with the permission of the Author
Merry Christmas From Heaven®
All rights reserved

  • Measure 4 3/4" X 2 3/4"
  • The back of the card includes the history of the Merry Christmas from Heaven poem
  • Bookmarks come in packages of 25

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  • 5 Dec 14th 2018

    I inserted these in Christmas cards and several friends have asked me where they can get more. Such a lovely poem!


  • 5 Dec 6th 2017

    This has been a difficult year with the illness and death of my mother and my husband. These bookmarks are a comforting reminder to my family members that, even though we don't see them, they are still with us as we gather to celebrate Christmas.

    Brenda Fontenot

  • 5 Dec 5th 2017
    Christmas Poem

    I am including these cards in my Christmas gifts. I know they will be greatly appreciated and comforting. I write poetry also and this is just perfect. Thank you so much.

    Alicia Griego

  • 5 Feb 3rd 2017
    Merry Christmas from Heaven

    I like to give these cards at Christmas to friends and family who have lost a loved one during the year. I hope,it is a comfort to them to know that others are thinking of them and know the heartache they are having at this time of year.

    Sandra Recker

  • 5 Dec 17th 2015
    Merry christmas from Heaven

    I loved them and my brothers and sisters loved them as well. It was an unusual item in their stocking, which made it a perfect gift.

    Sharon A Hohon

  • 5 Nov 30th 2015
    merry christmas from heaven

    Will pass out to family at Christmas, the verse is very nice, and will be well liked.


  • 4 Dec 5th 2010
    Christman from heaven

    Sharing with friends who have lost loved ones. Beautiful product


  • 5 Jan 2nd 2010
    Excellent Grief Ministry at Christmas

    This is a wonderful aid to those who have lost someone dear during the past year and will find this Christmas a difficult time. It helps surface some of the grief hidden for the sake of the holidays but which needs to surface. It helps ease the pain.

    Fr. Jeff

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