The Miracle of Father Kapaun (DVD)

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Fr. Emil Kapaun was a Kansas priest and Korean War hero who led an extraordinary life and may be on the road to sainthood. His cause for canonization has been opened by the Diocese of Wichita, and two medical miracles attributed to him are being investigated by the Vatican. He has also been nominated for the highest military medal, the Medal of Honor. This powerful, moving documentary tells his life story, with special focus on his heroic work as a military chaplain with his fellow American soldiers during battles, imprisonment and torture by the Communists, which ultimately led to his death at only 35 years of age in 1951. The film explores the nature of miracles, and the life of Father Kapaun, featuring inspiring interviews & testimonies by the soldiers who were imprisoned with Kapaun in Korea, as well as with church officials, military historians and the Kansas family who is convinced Kapaun saved their son’s life. A man of incredible courage and faith, he is credited with saving the lives of hundreds of prisoners, instilling them with hope when all hope seemed lost.

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  • 5 Dec 27th 2010
    Marvelous Film!

    Bought this DVD for our pastor who previously was a Navy chaplain. He enjoyed it thoroughly and no doubt will share it with others (hopefully, with me as well!). Best Uses: To be shared; Cons: none known; Pros: Inspiring, Well done

    Mrs. J., busy lady

  • 5 Oct 6th 2010
    Fr. Kapaun DVD is wonderful

    Watch with Confirmation students Pros: 20th century, inspirational, Only 45 minutes, Similar to "band of bros"


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