Mother of Mercy Scriptural Rosary (CDs)

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Solves the #1 struggle with the Rosary... staying focused on the mystery. This new 2-CD set from Vinny Flynn & Still Waters features dramatic readings from scripture, but instead of a reading before each decade, there is a brief reading before each Hail Mary to help you stay focused on each of the 20 mysteries.

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  • 5 Jan 10th 2019
    Rosary cd


    Albert Schuster

  • 3 Dec 10th 2018
    Mother of Mercy Scriptural Rosary

    It is a beautiful CD and quite well done. It covers the Four Mysteries of the rosary, it is clear, well spoken and the scriptural passages make it far better than the prayers alone. As an old timer I wish that they had not changed, "The Lord is with thee." to "The Lord is with you", "Blessed art thou" to "Blessed are you" and "blessed is the fruit of thy womb" to "Blessed is the fruit of your womb". Saying it one way for a lifetime and then hearing it spoken like this is very distracting.

    Franco Jason Di Palma

  • 5 Oct 17th 2015
    Mother of Mercy Scriptual Rosary

    I LOVE this CD set. The scripture quotes are short and SO perfect! They help me to focus on the Rosary and I have less of a tendency to distractions. I LOVE it!!!

    Jacqueline Newport

  • 5 Feb 22nd 2012
    Highly reccomend this version of rosary.

    This is a very devout version of the rosary. It makes you think about the prayers. The background music is very soothing. Best Uses: Great reflection, Use daily while in car; Pros: Awsome reflection


  • 5 Dec 21st 2011
    Listen to it every day!

    I love this CD set, and wake up to it play on my CD instead of my alarm. My only minor complaint is that you have to change out the CD's every day in order to listen to the devotions in order. Wish they could have stored Sunday, Monday, Tuesday devotions on one CD then Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday on another. Minor complaint for an other wise excellent purchase! Do recommend you buy it! Best Uses: Daily Devotion; Cons: Minor - See comments; Pros: Enjoy listening


  • 5 May 27th 2011
    Scriptural Rosary CD

    Best rosary CD I've ever had. Voices are even in volume, articulate, pleasing, recited with feeling and with a excellent tempo...not too fast, not too slow, not wooden, not mechanical. Background music is lovely but gently it does not overwhelm or distract from the prayers. Only thing I had to get use to were the pronouns "you,your" instead of "thou,thee,thy" in the Hail Mary. However, the very melodious recitation of the prayers made this transition very smoothly.

    oklahomasong Gail

  • 5 Aug 16th 2010
    An absolutely inspirational CD!

    I was very impressed with this two CD set. The Scripture selections are excellent. The voices of those who say the <a class="autolink" href="">rosary</a> prayers are clear, and the prayers are said at a good pace. The music is wonderful with dramatic elements that punctuate the Scripture selections being read. You can enter deep into each mystery. I love using books on the Scriptural rosary, but I now really enjoy listening to the Scriptures selections read instead of reading them. This leaves me free to concentrate fully on the Scripture selections and the mystery. I love these CDs! Best Uses: Excellent for at home, Excellent for on the road, Good Scripture selections, Helps concentration; Pros: inspirational, Moving music, Soothing voices


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