Mother Teresa Prayer Card - Spanish Edition [50 pack]

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  • Mother Teresa Prayer Card - Spanish Edition
  • For friends, family, and parishioners
  • Package of 50

These Spanish prayer cards feature a beautiful image of Mother Teresa, and a prayer in Spanish on the reverse. They come in a pack of 50, so it is easy to share them with friends, family, and parishioners. The prayer reads:

Querido Senor,
Gracias por Tu luz, que brilla sobre mi en las tinieblas, y por Tu amor, que me saca de la soledad. Ayudame a compartir estos dones con los que me rodean, aun como lo hizo la Madre Teresa, en las "Calcutas" de mi propia vida, con mi familia y con todos a quienes pongas en mi camino. Concedeme la gracia de buscar Tu presencia cada dia en callada oracion, sin importar cuan ajetreada se vuelva mi vida, para experimentar Tu amor renovador. Concedeme el poder necesario para vivir my vocacion en este mundo con la misma energia y la misma pasion de la Madre Teresa. Gracias por Tus muchos dones, especialmente por Tu inimaginable amor que satisface todos mis deseos. Amen.

(English translation:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your light shining on me in the darkness, and for your love drawing me out of loneliness. Help me to share these gifts with those around me, even as Mother Teresa did, in the "Calcuttas" of my own life, in my own family, and in all those you place on my path. Grant me the grace to seek your presence each day in quiet prayer, no matter how hectic life may become, there to experience your renewing love. Empower me to live my own vocation in this world with Mother Teresa's same energy and passion. Thank you for your many gifts, especially for your unimaginable love that fills all my desires.


  • Approx 3" (W) x 5" (L)
  • Spanish

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